My Book Blogger Award Nominations

Last year Joce at Write Through The Night created her Book Blogger awards to share a little love around the community – and now they’re back for a second year!

Shamefully I’ve left this until the last minute to share my nominations – almost literally they close today! But if you catch this in time and want to nominate some people you can – you don’t have to create a full post just pop over to the Book Awards Nomination Post and leave your noms in the comments!

Also I’ve not nominated in every category so be sure to check out the full list!

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Lauren and Layla both nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger award – Sorry to Lauren who nominated me way back in April but I’ve finally got round to answering her questions!

There’s 22 in total and there’s some tricky ones from both of them so come on in and see my answers, and answer a question or two I’ve posed if you feel like it!

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The Book Fests Awards

This afternoon I will be doing the Book Fests Award – thank you so much to Bex from My Shelf and Myself for nominating me, it’s been an exhausting week, and I hadn’t spent as much time as I wanted on my blog so this really cheered me up.

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