Fringe Life!

It’s August and for those of us living and working in and around Edinburgh this can only mean one thing: Festival time!

Last weekend I met up with a great friend and we went to experience some of the madness that is Edinburgh in full festival mode! Here’s my recap

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Sarah Does Lifestyle – July Glossybox Unboxing

Something a little different today while I try and figure out which book box to subscribe too! Now I’m not a lifestyle blogger, to be honest I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to all things beauty related, I’m too lazy, I’d much rather spend an extra half hour in bed than take the time to do something with my hair and put on make-up. This has the consequence of me really not being very good at it, which makes me less likely to get up a bit earlier and do something, it’s a vicious circle!

So come and take a look at what’s included in the July Glossybox!

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