Small Business Saturday @ The Rabbit Hole, Kirkcaldy

Good morning and happy Saturday! If you’ve been following SWB for a while now you might have seen some of my Small Business Saturday posts where I share some of the small businesses I’ve bought from, this week I’m focusing just on one small business the wonderful The Rabbit Hole in Kirkcaldy! For full disclosure Monica treated me to the afternoon tea pictured in the gallery below but all these are my completely honest opinions.

My very first afternoon tea!

I was first introduced to Monica, the owner of The Rabbit Hole, back in the first Covid lockdown – that seems such a long time ago! – my one of my best friends Zara (she’s over at the No Spend Year blog) she arranged for one of Monica’s wonderful cream teas to be delivered to the house and that was it I was sold! I treated myself to some more sweet treats later that month and that was it, the addiction to Monica’s baking was formed!

Once we were freed from lockdown I even began to venture up to Kirkcaldy to visit her shop and collect more brownies – the walk from the train station totally negates the brownie calories, it’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

And then this year Monica took it a step further and took over the space next to her existing shop and opened a cafe: The Rabbit Hole!

I’ve been lucky enough to take a few trips up to (or down) The Rabbit Hole and I’ve loved each one! The first time, I was by myself and just sat, drank coffee and enjoyed the chat with Monica, if you like your American TV you’ll find a series to chat about! Or sport… Just don’t tell her how silly it is they call the baseball championship series the World Series when only North American teams play in it….

The second time I visited with Zara, my goddaughter Hannah and her pal. Zara and I enjoyed an incredible afternoon tea, with so much food we had to box up a lot of the dessert section! The girls enjoyed a steak pie and a cheesy pizza for their lunches which they both thoroughly enjoyed! Everything we had was absolutely delicious, check out the photos of our spread below, a special mention has to go to the spinach, cheese and garlic parcels which were simply divine, I love my meat but I think I could survive on those!

If you’re a book lover like me The Rabbit Hole is perfect for you! Bring a book and sink into a cozy chair while the lovely staff keep you topped up with coffee and cake, or if you’ve not got a book to hand stop by Monica’s mini library and see if something takes your fancy!

The Rabbit Hole is small but perfectly formed, if yummy food and drink and good chat are your cup of tea (and who wouldn’t enjoy that) I cannot recommend a trip strongly enough! If you’re ever in Kirkcaldy be sure to pop down, say hello and treat yourself to a brownie (or two) you’ll find Cups ‘N’ Cakes and The Rabbit Hole side by side down on Links Street in Kirckcaldy – just round the corner from Dunelm!

Be sure to follow The Rabbit Hole on social media via the links below to keep up to date with opening times, events, menus and the occasional sale!

Thanks for stopping by SWB today! If you know of a small business I should check out drop me a comment below or send me an email to let me know!

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