Small Business Saturday – March

Knit And Knot Designs

I discovered Knit & Knot Designs through Instagram and Millie has some really gorgeous items! I treated myself to these earrings in a gorgeous teal colour! I definitely have my eye on a wall hanging – just need to figure out where I could put it!

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TikTok // Instagram // Etsy


Yes Benji’s is back again! This time I added this cute pompom cushion, tealight holder (and planter you can see in the below picture) to my collection. As ever the delivery was prompt and the items arrived really quickly. They keep growing their store and I look forward to seeing new items pop up and wondering what I’ll order next. There’s a gorgeous bee happy cushion that’s coming soon I’m keen to get my hands on!

Where To Find
Website // Instagram // Twitter

Botanical Babe Houseplants

Tesni is back again! I picked up three more plants from her in March – leading to my good pal Charlotte’s husband asking if I was planning on opening Inverkeithing’s first botanical garden. Not quite reached those levels yet but I’m rapidly heading in that direction! I love my planter from Benji’s my Dumb Cane is sitting in but I still have too many plants sitting on side plates – it’s a good job I don’t need them to eat off! If you know of any small businesses where I can pick up some bigger plant pots please let me know!

Where To Find
Website // Instagram // TikTok

Dawn’s Aroma

Last month I picked up a candle and some cute heart shaped wax melts from Dawn’s Aroma. This month I picked up two of her snap bars in Cherry Drop and Vanilla Dream. Even as I opened the packaging I could smell them, and it only got better when I popped them in my burners!

Where To Find
TikTok // Instagram // Etsy

Cups ‘n’ Cakes

I was first introduced to Monica’s baking through my dear friend Zara (The Year We Went No Spend) who wanted to treat me somewhere towards the beginning of this all pandemic malarky. During the summer when we had a bit more freedom I made the trip up to Kirkcaldy to visit the shop. I’ve purchased some Halloween treats as well as these Valentines treats, and I have some Easter treats reserved for my honorary niece and nephew! I’m sure I’ll pick up some treats for us adults too!

Where To Find
Facebook // Instagram

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These are the small businesses I’ve bought from this month! If you’ve any recommendations be sure to drop them in the comments below!

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