Small Business Saturday – February

I’m back (much later in March than I originally anticipated) with the small businesses I bought from in February! I sense as we move through the months there’ll be some regulars that pop up but I’m always open to people suggesting new small businesses for me to look at!

Botanical Babe Houseplants

Botanical Babe is a little independent plant shop in North Wales run by Tesni. I’ve had a few plants from Tesni now, including this cute Devil’s Ivy. I don’t have access to a proper garden in my plant so I’m gradually turning my spare room / home office into an indoor garden!

Where To Find
Website // Instagram // TikTok

Paperlily Designs

I spotted Paperlily Designs on Instagram and when I spotted this hoodie design on her website I knew I had to treat myself to it, it’s a long running joke with my friends that I am ALWAYS cold. I love the fact that they offer so many options to combine different colours it really feels like you’re getting a completely bespoke piece of clothing. There are a couple of other items I have my eyes on!

Where To Find
Website // Instagram

Dawn’s Aroma

My friend forwarded me one of Yasmin’s TikTok posts and I knew I wanted to give her a try. I treated myself to a cookie dough candle and some sugar sherbert wax melts. As soon as I opened the box I could already smell them and the smell only got better once they were in use! You’ll see Dawn’s Aroma popping up again because I’ve already bought more wax melts from her!

Where To Find
TikTok // Instagram // Etsy

Benji’s Shop

Oh yes Benji’s are back! They’re one of my favourite little homeware stores (they’ll also be popping up in my March post). They’ve got such a great selection of products on their website, they’re great value and I’ve really enjoyed seeing their business continue to grow!

Where To Find
Website // Instagram // Twitter

Handmade At Home By Ellie

Yes Ellie is back! This is actually my third order from Ellie. I purchased a couple of coasters for my best friend’s birthday at the beginning of February and then ordered a coaster to sit on my desk in the home office along with a matching bookmark. I love them! She was super kind and added in a cute pair of earrings too!

Where To Find
TikTok // Instagram // Etsy

Cups ‘n’ Cakes by Monica

I was introduced to Monica’s amazing baking by a friend who happened to come across her while looking to send me a treat early during this whole pandemic malarky. Once we got a little freedom back I popped up to Monica’s shop in Kirkcaldy and picked up some bits for myself! I’ve had Halloween and this incredible Valentines treat from her and I’ve just reserved my honorary niece and nephew some Easter treats! Fear not I’ll be picking something up for myself too!

Where To Find
Facebook // Instagram

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These are the small businesses I’ve bought from this month! If you’ve any recommendations be sure to drop them in the comments below!

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