SWB’s Month In Meals: February

Hello! This is a little different from me but I thought why not! I’ve been getting Gousto meal boxes for a little over a year now. Believe me I timed that right when it came to going into lockdown! I get 4 meals, for two people most weeks. I live on my own so this gives me a meal and some leftovers for lunch later in the week! It costs me £34.99 per box which is more than I’d probably spend picking up the ingredients, but I don’t drive so I’d have to pay for the bus or a taxi, and I have a terrible habit of picking up extra things when I wander around Tesco so I’d probably end up spending more! Just to be clear this isn’t an ad at all, I pay for my boxes!

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Box One

Thai beef rice with mangetout; Oven-baked cheesy portobello mushroom risotto; One-pot Brazillian chicken & saffron rice; and Indonesian-style chicken rendang

Meal Of The Week – Indonesian-style chicken rendang

This has become one of my favourite meals, I think I end up picking it most weeks it appears on the menu! I don’t find it particularly spicey (I know everyone is different) but it’s definitely full of flavour!

Box Two

One-pot Turkish-style lamb bulgur pilaf; Smoky ‘n’ sweet BBQ chicken fajitas; Carrot and coriander soup with chutney twists; and Lebanese halloumi wrap with tahini sauce

Meal Of The Week – Lebanese halloumi wrap with tahini sauce

I usually take a look at the veggie options for something that catches my eye, although as I’m not really a fan of meat substitutes sometimes I’m a little limited. This was so tasty though! Grilled Halloumi slices in warmed naan bread. I wasn’t so sure on the pickled cabbage before hand but it worked so well with the saltiness of the halloumi!

Box Three

One-pot baked beef stroganoff; Chicken with sun-dried tomato sauce and crispy potatoes; Chipotle beef burger with caramelised onions; and Chicken satay skewers with pickled cucumber

Meal Of The Week – Chicken with sun-dried tomato sauce and crispy potatoes

Look there’s even a photo from this week! I’ll be honest this week was a particularly strong week for my picks! The satay sauce I made to go with the skewers was lovely but the overall winner was this chicken dish. The crispy potatoes with garlic and rosemary were delicious, and the tomato sauce worked really well with the chicken! I’ll definitely pick this one again if it reappears!

Box Four

Chicken and butter bean hotpot; Kickin’ Cajun chicken and sweetcorn casserole; Warming beef goulash with mash; and Cream chicken potato topped pie

Meal Of The Week – Kickin’ Cajun chicken and sweetcorn casserole

I’m not going to lie, picking this box was a bit of a struggle, but I was beyond pleasantly surprised! I was quite unsure about the hotpot and casserole but they were actually both delicious and the Cajun chicken actually ended up being my favourite meal even though all four were great! I usually love my traditional carbs given me pasta or potato. This meal was one of Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 collaboration with Gousto so it was padded out with sweetcorn and butter beans. So good!

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I’m not sure if that was of any interest to anyone but if you read it I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll try and remember to take some more photos going forward!

One thought on “SWB’s Month In Meals: February

  1. CharlotteSomewhere

    I enjoyed reading this! It sounds like you picked some great meals. I’m definitely going to try the rendang recipe you shared with me. We’re big fans of halloumi but it definitely needs something to cut through the saltiness!

    Liked by 1 person

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