Introducing The Viper-thon!

Good afternoon! I’ve been kind of quiet on the blog recently but I am thrilled to be sharing this post and telling you all about The Viper-Thon

What is this Viper-thon of which I speak?

Well you may have noticed I’m a little bit of a fan of The Isles Of Storm And Sorrow trilogy by Bex Hogan and to celebrate the release of Vulture, the third book in the trilogy, on 8th April I’m hosting an Isles Of Storm And Sorrow readathon along with my fellow snakes; Steph, Charlotte and Tsam!

The aim?

Travel through as many of the Twelve Isles as you can during the month of April, reading books to match the prompts and collecting items along the way. The more items you collect the higher your position in the crew by the end of the month!

Your travels…

How do you make your way around the islands? It’s simple just pick a book that fits with each prompt!

The Eastern Isles

The First Isle: King’s Isle
Prompt: A book that features royalty
Your bounty: a pouch of money

The Second Isle: Fallow Isle
Prompt: A story where a character has to ‘grow’ as a person
Your bounty: a Sickle

The Third Isle: Black Isle
Prompt: A book with a black cover
Your bounty: a cloak

The Fourth Isle: Floral Isle
Prompt: A character who has a floral name
Your bounty: a flower with medicinal properties

The Fifth Isle: Mist Isle
Prompt: A book that involves a secret or something hidden
Your bounty: a scroll

The Sixth Isle: Rock Isle
Prompt: A character has to face something challenging
Your bounty: a slingshot

The Western Isles

The Seventh Isle: Shadow Isle
Prompt: A book about fear or featuring one of your fears
Your bounty: a shadowy companion for your travels

The Eighth Isle: Snow Isle
Prompt: A book set somewhere cold
Your bounty: an ice pick

The Ninth Isle: Blood Isle
Prompt: A book about siblings or family
Your bounty: a blood curse to use against your enemies

The Tenth Isle: Fire Isle
Prompt: A book with fire on the cover or in the title
Your bounty: a flint

The Eleventh Isle: Song Isle
Prompt: A book that strongly features music in some way
Your bounty: a sea shanty

The Twelfth Isle: The Jewel of the West
Prompt: A book that features magic
Your bounty: a spell

Are you brave enough?

Take on The Viper
Prompt: A book with a snake on the cover
Your bounty: 1 vial of snake venom

This wonderful version of The Twelve Isles map was created by the wonderful Charlotte

Your spot on the Viper crew?

Now here’s the important bit, you’ve braved seas around the Twelve Isles and collected your items, but what position has that earned you?

1-2 items – Parrot
You’re a lot of fun and you bring colour to the ship, but maybe not the handiest of the bunch! 

3-5 items – Ship’s cook 
You’re handy to have in the kitchen, you try to keep everyone happy, but you’ve probably only mastered a few skills in your pirating life! 

5-7 items – Gunner
You’ve been doing this for a while now and you’ve acquired a fair few skills, so you’re handy to have around! 

8-10 items – Navigator
You are useful to have in these waters as you can steer the ship to as many places as is needed… but you’re not quite the top dog yet! 

10-12 items – Captain
The crew respect you because you know what you’re doing: you’re a fierce leader and clearly have a deep knowledge.

All items (including Viper) – Viper
You’re the one they fear most. You can’t be beaten and everyone knows how powerful you are. 

So what comes next?

  • Get planning your TBR! You can use a book for up to two prompts! There’s no requirement to share it in a post but we’d love to see it! I’ll be sharing mine on 1st April!
  • If you’re a The StoryGraph user check out the challenge page Charlotte created here
  • Follow @Viperthon on Twitter for more updates – we’ll be hosting sprints there between 6 and 7 UK time every Sunday in April!
  • Share your wrap up post at the end of the month and let us know how far up the crew you made it!

Be sure to check out and follow my fellow Snakes’ blogs to find out what they’ll be reading! A Little But A Lot, Charlotte, Somewhere and A Boy With A Book, and please share the readathon far and wide! We’d love to see as many people involved as possible and I know Bex has a lot of fans out there!

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