Top Ten Tuesday – Questions I Would Ask My Favorite Authors

Good morning and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday here on SWB! Today’s topic is a really interesting one; questions that we’d ask our favourite authors! I’ve decided to stick to living authors in the hope that I might get an answer to some of them one day! I could probably fill another post with questions I’d ask authors who are no longer with us. Also I’ve tried to restrict myself to one question per author otherwise I probably could have filled my list with questions for Bex about what’s next in the Isles Of Storm and Sorrow trilogy!

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Questions I Would Ask My Favorite Authors

Carol WyerDI Robyn Carter and Detective Natalie Ward series

Carol you’ve created two wonderful crime series, with a third on the way not including the contemporaries you’ve written as well. When do you find time to eat?! Honestly on earth do you manage to be such a prolific writer and turn out so many wonderful books?

Rachel LynchDI Kelly Porter series

I love that your books are set in the Lake District, despite all the deaths it’s made me want to visit! Is there a particular reason that you chose to set you books around Cumbria and do you worry that all the darkness might put people off?

Laura Kirkpatrick – the And Then I Turned Into A Mermaid series

You’ve published 3 young adult books as well, did you always want to write for a middle grade audience as well? Tell me there are more Mermaid books to come after the ending of book 2!

Anthony Horowitz – the Susan Ryeland and Daniel Hawthorn series

Both Magpie Murders and The Word Is Murder have slightly unusual premises. What made you decide these were the books you wanted to write, and did you have to work hard to convince you agents and publishers they’d sell?

Bex Hogan – the Isles of Storm and Sorrow series

Bex you know I adore these books but why do you enjoy torturing us so much?! But seriously at the end of Isles Of Storm & Sorrow Bronn will be on the right side of history… Right?

Karen M. McManus – the One Of Us Is Lying series

I ended up so invested in the characters after the two books, please tell me Bronwyn and Nate get their happily ever after….

L. D. Lapinski – The Strangeworlds Travel Agency series

I ADORED this book and I cannot wait for the sequel! What would your dream suitcase look like and where would you be when you stepped through it?

Maggie HarcourtUnconventional & Theatrical

Piecekeepers appears in both of these books, any chance we’ll get to read it some day?

Holly Jackson – the A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder series

I adored Good Girl, Bad Blood it’s a fantastic sequel and I think even better that the first. A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder was so well received, did it change the way you approached writing the sequel? Did it make you more nervous or were you more confident as you knew people already liked the characters?

Any author of a long running series

I read a lot of crime fiction and some of those series are particularly long running so to any author of a long running series, crime or otherwise, have you ever been tempted to do a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and kill off your main character and if so how would you want to do it?

Nine questions for the authors of some of my favourite books and one for whoever fancies answering it! Did any of the authors on my list make yours too? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Questions I Would Ask My Favorite Authors

  1. carolwyer

    Firstly, MASSIVE thanks for including me in this incredible list of authors. You’ve picked some of my favourites too so I look forward to seeing the replies.
    As for my question, well, I probably wouldn’t get some much accomplished if I had a ‘normal’ life and made time for other things like housework, cooking, shopping, watching tv and … eating! LOL
    I suffer from insomnia so I get a lot of work done when most people are asleep and I write every single day even on birthdays, Christmas, Bank Holidays. There are few exceptions. I suppose you’d say it was a passion, even an obsession.
    I promised Mr Grumpy I’d slow down this year and I have. Last year, I wrote 7 books, this year it will probably only amount to 3 or maybe 4 but I still have plenty of ideas and plots and more books to come. It has freed up time to do those other things – like cooking and at last, I have started to have proper mealtimes. 🙂


  2. Nikki @The Night is Dark and Full of Books

    Great questions. I see you got one of them answered in the comments. That’s so cool! It’s funny to see authors just reply to people’s blogs or tweets. Stuff like that. Even though I know they’re just people, they feel almost out of reach. But nope! :p


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