Tag Thursday – The Viper Tag

Good morning! It’s Tag Thursday here on SWB and I’m absolutely delighted to be bringing you a tag based on one of my favourite reads of 2020 – Viper! I stole this after spotting it on the lovely Charlotte’s blog and you can check out her answers here! This tag was originally created by Scorpio Book Dreams.

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Marianne – A fierce female character

I’m going to pick Izzy O’Neill from Laura Steven’s The Exact Opposite Of Okay and A Girl Called Shameless. I’m not sure she’d hold her own in a sword fight like Marianne could but she’s not afraid to stand up for herself even when dealing with revenge porn and a politician’s overzealous attempts to protect his family’s reputation.

Twelve Isles – A memorable setting

There are so many choices for this one, but I’m going to go with Sempera from Sara Holland’s Everless duology. It’s a world in which you pay with time quite literally. Need to buy a fish, that might cost you a few minutes, try not to get in trouble as that might cost you months…

The Viper – A Complex Villain

Can I pick Catherine Pinkerton from Heartless? She’s not really the villain in the book, but she goes on to become the Queen of Hearts we all know from Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. I loved the added backstory that Heartless gives her, I think the explanation her backstory provides goes some way to explaining why she is the way she is in the original story… I think that is the making of a complex villain…

Grace – A Kickass and Supportive Female Character

First up I’m just going to declare my love of Grace but I’m guessing I can’t pick her for the prompt based on her… So instead I’m going to say Maddie Manchester from Ally Carter’s Not If I Save You First. The daughter of a US Secret Service agent I loved that she was the character doing to saving and not the character being saved.

Torin – A Reluctant Royal

Well now I’m wishing I’d left Catherine until now and she was definitely a reluctant royal! I’ve looked back through my Goodreads read shelves and I’m struggling to find any that really jump out at me as being filled with royalty… So at a push I’m going to say Ellie from Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn. It’s been years since I read the book and I’ve not read either of the follow ups yet so things may have changed but she was certainly reluctant to let anyone at Rosewood Hall know she was the Crown Princess of Maradova to the point that she switched places with her roommate Lottie…

Bronn – A Misunderstood Character

I’m with Charlotte in my slight dislike of the term misunderstood to define a character… So I think I’m going to go with another character that kept me guessing throughout a book and pick Silyen Jardine from the Dark Gifts trilogy. Throughout all three books I was left guessing what his motives were and which side he was going to pick…

Romance – Star-Crossed Lovers

I don’t think I read that many books with a major romantic plot so this one is a little difficult… But I’m going to go with Hannah and Morgan from Isabel Sterling’s These Witches Don’t Burn but no more or spoilers…

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