My Magical Readathon TBR

Hi guys it’s been a while! I think it’s safe to say that for the vast majority of us life has changed considerably since I last posted! As you may have noticed from the title this post is all about the fact I’m actually joining in the Magical Readathon for the first time!

Normally I don’t remember until half way through so I’m very grateful to Charlotte for tweeting about it and reminding me, which lead to me running about the house last night trying to find books that fit the prompts so without further ado onto my TBR!

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I had great fun reading through the Magical Readathon guide and deciding on my future career path – you can find more information on the Magical Readathon website here – as always I decided to channel my inner Hermione and am aiming high. I’m working towards a Ministry position, with the aim of finding myself working in the Department of Mysteries, but that’s not enough! I’m also indulging my love of muggle science and working towards becoming a Potions Master so extra O.W.L.S for me! I’ve also decided that where certain subjects were listed for both career paths I will aim to read a book for each.

Ministry Worker

CharmsThe Guest List by Lucy Foley
Defence Against The Dark ArtsThe Bad Luck Lighthouse by Nicki Thornton
History Of MagicThese Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Stirling
PotionsThe Case Of The Drowned Pearl by Robin Stevens
TransfigurationNorthern Lights by Philip Pullman


ArithmancyThe Flatshare by Beth O’Leary
Care Of Magical CreaturesNevermoor by Jessica Townsend
CharmsS.T.A.G.S by M. A. Bennett
HerbologyThe Mystery Of Three Quarters by Sophie Hannah
PotionsSplit by Muhammad Kahn
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I’ve barely read anything the past couple of months so I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in! Full credit to Magical Readathon for the gorgeous logo I’ve used in my featured image. If you’re taking part in the Magical Readathon and you’ve already shared your TBR be sure to leave me a link in the comments!

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