Looking Forward to 2020 – My Most Anticipated Adult Reads

I’m ending the book section of my most anticipated posts today with my most anticipated adult reads! I couldn’t find covers for all of the releases yet but I’ve included those I could. Titles link to Goodreads or Waterstones for more information if any of them take your fancy! Release dates are correct to the best of my knowledge currently but are subject to change, one of the books I was looking forward to already seems to have slipped to 2021!

The books on my list come from scouring publishers catalogues and searching Goodreads for authors who have released books I enjoyed in 2019. Not all publishers have made catalogues available to the general public on their website, and for those that have they’re mainly focused on the first half of the year. I’m quite sure over the course of the year more books will catch my eye and I’ll feature them in monthly posts!

Haven’t They Grown by Sophie Hannah – Release date: 23rd January 2020

This sounds creepy! After reading the synopsis I simply have to know what’s happened!

The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray – Release date: 6th February 2020

Andrew Hunter Murray is one of the QI Elves and one of the hosts of one of my favourite podcasts There’s No Such Thing As A Fish. I’m used to him being pretty amusing so I’m really intrigued to discover his debut dystopian novel!

Grown Ups by Marian Keyes – Release date: 6th February 2020

It’s been a long time since I read a Marian Keyes novel but I loved books like Angels and Sushi For Beginners as a late teen so I’m looking forward to seeing if I still enjoy them now!

The Holdout by Graham Moore – Release date: 20th February 2020

This is another book with a concept that sounds intriguing. I’m looking forward to discovering what happened!

The Guest List by Lucy Foley – Release date: 20th February 2020

I’ve not read The Hunting Party yet but wedding party goes drastically wrong… I’m all for reading this!

Bury Them Deep by James Oswald – Release date: 20th February 2020

I so love this series but I’ve got a book or two behind! I’m looking forward to catching up with Tony and getting to this one.

A Conspiracy Of Bones by Kathy Reichs – Release date: 17th March 2020

These are the books the TV series Bones were based on. However the books are very different to the TV series, book Brennan is much older with a daughter and isn’t based in Washington. As such I find it easier to think of them as two completely separate things. This is another series I’m a few books behind with

When Shadows Fall by Alex Gray – Release date: 19th March 2020

I accidentally read the tenth book in this series before any of the others back in 2017. The Swedish Girl was actually one of the first books I reviewed here on SWB. Over the past few months I’ve been listening to the audiobooks, but I’m only up to book 6 so I’ve got some way to go before I reach this one which is book 17 in the series!

The Mothers by Sarah J. Naughton – Release date: 30th April 2020

I’ve not a parent so NCT classes are not something that I’ve ever experienced. However I do know that now, 30 something years on my mum is still friends with some of the women she met while expecting me. So this plot intrigues me!

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman – Release date: 3rd September 2020

I’m not sure how I feel about this, I think it will either be a great hit or a fantastic miss! I love the concept though so I’m hoping for a hit!

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Have any of these books caught your eye? Are there any books on your lists I should be keeping an eye out for? Let me know in the comments!

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