Santa I’ve Been Good… Featuring S from Charlotte, Somewhere and Golden Books Girl

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Last Blogmas I had a Santa I’ve Been Good… feature, and this year I’m thrilled to have two of my favourite people share the things they’d like Santa to bring them!

So enough of me, and onto Amy and S!

Amy from Golden Books Girl

Bookish – this was actually inspired by what Sarah said in her recent Six for Sunday post, because my dream bookish Christmas gift that definitely won’t really appear under my tree is the ninth and final Murder Most Unladylike book. I can’t quite put into words how excited I am for this book, and August absolutely can’t come soon enough!

Non bookish – another thing that will definitely never happen is tickets to see George Ezra, and the chance to meet him would be the absolute dream of dreams because he means a huge amount to me and I recently got a tattoo in his honour, so the chance to explain it to him and thank him would mean a lot! And also I’m such a huge fan and getting to hear songs I love so much live would be incredible.

S. from Charlotte, Somewhere

At school we had to write two letters to Father Christmas, one for something we want for ourselves and one for something kind to other people so I am going to do that with books.

A book that I would like for myself to read is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire illustrated edition. I like books with pictures and pictures about dragons, and I like that the illustrated books have got a ribbon string in so that you can use it like a bookmark and not lose your page.

I would like Santa to bring a book to all the children that don’t have any books. I think they would like Matilda because that’s about a girl who has a sad time at her home but finds lots of good books at the library and then gets a nice family with Miss Honey at the end.

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Thank you to Amy and S. for sharing their posts with me! I love that S. is so keen for children that don’t have any books to get something! If he’s encouraged your Christmas spirit be sure to check out The Book Trust they’re running a Christmas appeal

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