Six For Sunday: Back To School Realness – How Do I Enrol?

Morning! Thanks for joining me for another Six for Sunday! We’re now halfway through our Back To School Realness prompts and I’m picking out six fictional schools I would have loved to go to!

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Steph at ALITTLEBUTALOT. You can find a list of prompts from July to December 2019 here

Schools You’d Love To Go To

It’s been slightly longer than I’d care to admit since I left school but if I had the chance to go back these are some of the schools I would have loved to attend!

Hogwarts from Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

Now this may be the most predictable choice to feature on any fictional school related list. However I’m still utterly devastated that my Hogwarts acceptance letter went missing on its way to me all those years ago. Who wouldn’t love the chance to learn all those new magical skills – although I could do without having to take on a genocidal maniac every year while trying to sit my end of year exams!

Swan House from Peril En Pointe by Helen Lipscombe

I’ve not actually read Peril En Pointe yet so I’ve not fully experienced Swan House but a prestigious ballet school which is actually a spy school? Yes please!

Duke’s Academy from SING (Like No One’s Listening) by Vanessa Jones

There is no doubt in my mind I do not have the talent to make it into Duke’s Academy. I am many many things but wonderfully artistic is not one of them. Nonetheless Nettie seems to have picked up an fantastic group of friends and the nights out sound epic!

School in Rumblestar from Rumblestar by Abi Elphinstone

I don’t remember the name of the school in Rumblestar ever being mentioned, but I may be mistaken. However I’d love to go to school there, I just couldn’t decide whether I’d want to learn to be a bottler or a balloonist!

St Trinian’s from the Hurrah for St. Trinian’s by Ronald Searle

This is cheating as I’ve not read the books or the cartoons and this is based solely on the two revival films. Not sure it’s a particularly productive learning environment but maybe a term as an exchange student would be fun….

Rosewood Hall from The Rosewood Chronicles by Connie Glynn

If I were to attend Rosewood Hall it would definitely be as a scholarship student, I do not come from royalty or the people that be type money, but rubbing shoulders with the children of world leaders would certainly be interesting!

They were my #SixforSunday! If you’ve taken part leave a link to your post below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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