Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’d Love In My Personal Library

This is such an interesting topic for me, one day I’d love to have a proper space dedicated to all my books, not just a couple of bookcases in two different rooms and books starting to be piled up because I’m out of space. I’d love a room with a full wall of bookcases and a variety of different places to read, a sofa, a comfy armchair, just a pile of giant floor cushions or maybe a hammock! And then I’d have plants, lots and lots of greenery!

Now onto the actual prompt, the books I’ve read that I’d like in my personal library fall into three general categories: books I was lucky enough to receive as an eARC and would like a finished copy to sit on my shelves; books I already own but have spotted another beautiful edition that I need; and special editions of books I would love to own but are just too expensive!

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Books I’ve Read That I’d Like In My Personal Library

DI Robyn Carter and Detective Natalie Ward books by Carol Wyer

These books certainly fall into the first category. Most of these I was lucky enough to be given access to on NetGalley, with a few I bought as eBooks. When the Robyn Carter series started they were only available as eBooks but not that they, and the Natalie Ward books are becoming available as paperbacks I’m very keen to add them to my physical library

DI Kelly Porter books by Rachel Lynch

I absolutely adore these books, Rachel Lynch is an auto-read author for me without question but to the best of my knowledge these are only available as eBooks currently. If the series is ever released in paperback I’ll be first in line to add them to my shelves!

The Word Is Murder by Anthony Horowitz

I really loved this story when I read it, it was such an interesting twist on a crime novel, I own the sequel in harback so I really do need to add this one to my collection!

Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

I borrowed this from Edinburgh Libraries’ eBook collection and simply fell in love with Lily and Malkin the fox! I’m quite determined to add this one to my shelves, along with the rest of the Cogheart Adventures!

Countless by Karen Gregory

I feel like this is such an important book the way it shows the impact of eating disorders was incredibly moving. I read the eARC and have been meaning to pick up the paperback ever since.

The State of Grace and My Box-Shaped Heart by Rachael Lucas

So far Rachael has written two Young Adult novels and I adored both of them. I need to add them both to my already overcrowded shelves.

Harry Potter – The Deluxe Illustrated Editions by J. K. Rowling

These fall firmly into the third category. I’d have to question just how many editions of Harry Potter are too many… I own a complete set of the original children’s covers, I currently have the first three of the house editions, and while I don’t currently have any of the illustrated editions I have pre-ordered the fourth one due out in October. I would adore these deluxe versions but even with the substantial discounts currently on them they are still over £100 each…

Bookishly Editions by Various Authors

Bookishly have so many beautiful bookish accessories, including bookmarks and mugs, but they also have a range of beautiful books where they have created a range of stunning dust jackets. The Secret Garden, A Christmas Carol and Peter Pan are three in particular that caught my eye.

Juniper Books Editions by Various Authors

Juniper Books is another site where you can pick up absolutely beautiful editions of various books. I’m cheating slightly here as I’ve not read every book in the Classics in Blush set, and I’ve only read two of the five Mary Poppins books but I have read all of the Narnia books and all of these editions are beautiful, but expensive!

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman – Special Editions

This one is very definitely cheating as these books don’t exist yet. I own the special edition of La Belle Sauvage and I have the special edition of The Secret Commonwealth on pre-order. I would love to own matching editions of the His Dark Materials trilogy as well, so I’m hopeful that one day they may release them!

Admittedly if you count up all the individual books here there are more than 10 but don’t tell on me! Which books would you love to have in your personal library? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’d Love In My Personal Library

  1. Jordyn

    Ahhh, I completely share your dream to have a full library with a cozy space to actually sit and read. Maybe someday 🙂 Also, holy I have never seen or looked into those Juniper sets before, but those are BEAUUUUUUTIFUL. Definitely adding to my someday-to-buy list 🙂


  2. RS

    “due to territorial restrictions, we are unable to sell this book to residents of the United States” @Bloomsbury: RUDE. My inability to afford things should be the only barrier to my access of an all-new-to-me edition of Harry Potter. What is this DVD-esque region-code-for-books madness.

    Also…apparently exclusive dust jackets are my weakness. WOW are those Bookishly editions cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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