11 thoughts on “Tag Thursday – The 90s Kid Book Tag

  1. Amber

    Thanks so much for doing the tag! I absolutely LOVE your headers!!!

    It’s definitely filled with iconic American things, but I’ve actually seen some people give it their own cultural twist! There’s been some fun swap outs. I’ve also learned that mooooost people preferred Backstreet Boys to NSYNC lol. Oh well!

    As far as Dunakroos, they were little graham cracker cookies you dipped in frosting. A nice chocolate chunk biscuit sounds like a better choice any day! 💜

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  2. Emma's Library

    Technically I am a late 90s to mid 2000s child because I was born in the early 90s, but I remember all of the UK related questions prompts too. I think the nearest I can come to the Dunkaroos is Dairylea with the breadsticks and their other snacks. Also after looking it up, Heads Down Thumbs Up is definitely our version of that other game. It’s such a primary school staple!

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