Added To My TBR In June

Added To My TBR In June

I keep saying I should stop buying books and actually reading the ones I already have sitting on my shelf, however every month brings great looking books I want to own! So the stopping buying new books did not happen in June and it’s not happened so far in July either… Oops!

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Thank you so much to Vicki Berwick at Pushkin Press for sending these wonderful looking books. I cannot wait to get stuck in!

Subscription Boxes

Due to the publication date of the book of the month May’s Fairyloot box actually dispatched slightly late so it was already into June when it arrived. The Paper & Hearts Society was the book of the month for June’s Wildest Dreams book box and Sorcery of Thorns arrived in June’s Fairyloot box.


Yes that is a second copy of The Paper & Hearts Society you’ve spotted. I bought this before my Wildest Dreams box arrived – that will teach me to double check box themes and my pre-orders in future! Keep an eye out for my unboxing as I’ll be giving away my purchased copy on that post!


Thank you to the wonderful Charlotte of Charlotte, Somewhere for forwarding me on these books!

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So that’s what I added to my TBR this month! If you had a wee book buying spree let me know what you bought in the comments! 

10 thoughts on “Added To My TBR In June

  1. A Cup of Wonderland

    I had a little book buying spree at the end of last month but only bought four books and two of them I’ve already read. I bought the Paper and Hearts Society along with Call It What You Want and read both of them in single sittings!


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            1. Sarah - SWB

              I might order a fresh copy from Amazon to you. I shall let you know one way or the other.

              Also Sanctuary is the book they’ve used to promote Vic on the signing schedule so you might find it!


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