17 thoughts on “Tag Thursday – the 30 Interesting Questions Tag

  1. goldenbooksgirl

    Really looking forward to answering these, if a tad nervous! At least I got one of where you mentioned us write (and after hearing your brilliant titles for Charlotte, I’m dying to know what mine would be!). Really enjoyed reading this, though I have been the person on the wrong side of an escalator before (I don’t make a regular habit of it though! I hadn’t really travelled at rush hour before on the day in question and I was feeling very ill on the way to a hospital appointment that involved catching 2 trains there and 2 trains back…)
    Amy x

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        1. Sarah - SWB

          I totally forgot I hadn’t given you your titles!

          Queen of Tags – naturally this was the first that sprang to mind.
          Stylish Stick Connoisseur
          Recommender Of Fabulous MG Reads
          Fantastic Friend
          Bringer of the best GIFS

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  2. Nikki @TheNightIsDarkAndFullOfBooks

    It was fun to read some of these more personal answers and get to know you better. We seem pretty similar in a lot of ways!

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