Six For Sunday: Bookish Wishes – Baddies Who Deserve Their Own Story

Good morning everyone! It’s time for another bookish wishes Six for Sunday! This week’s prompt is all about the bad guys that we feel deserve their own story! This was a really interesting prompt for me – I read a lot of crime fiction and generally that’s wrapped up pretty well, you get to find out the reason they committed the crime and generally you get a pretty satisfactory conclusion, so it got me looking back through my Goodreads account and wondering which books have I read where actually I still have questions – where I’d like some more background or even to know what came next for them…

A word of warning – At least one of my choices below could be considered a spoiler so if you’ve not read any of the books featured below maybe skip this one if you don’t want spoiled! Most of them are pretty well known though!

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Steph at ALITTLEBUTALOT. You can find a list of prompts from January to June 2019 here

Baddies Who Deserve Their Own Story

Professor James Moriarty – The Final Problem by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Professor Moriarty is almost synonymous with Sherlock Holmes, despite only really featuring in one or two short stories. For recent fans this is probably aided by the BBC adaptation which features the brilliant Andrew Scott fairly heavily. Although Anthony Horowitz wrote a novel featuring Moriarty which I did enjoy I’d love to know more about Moriarty – how did he become the criminal mastermind that Sherlock battles with…

Tom Riddle – The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

I know we get some background on Tom Riddle, particularly his childhood and life in the orphanage during Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince but I want more – I want to follow him after he leaves school as he transforms into Lord Voldemort and begins to amass his followers. I want to see how he manages to convince so many pureblood supremacists to follow him, as surely if blood purity is as important to them all as they claim people like Abraxus Malfoy would have known Lord Voldemort wasn’t a pureblood… Surely they know exactly who is who and their backgrounds within Magical Britain…

Marissa Coulter – His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman

I’m so intrigued by Lyra’s mother. She does some terrible things, and her experiments are terrifying but in the end she has some sort of redemption as she sacrifices herself for Lyra. I want to know what lead her down the path she follows – I imagine she started out as an innocent child so what happened to her along the way to turn her into the woman she became… Also she had such a vicious dæmon I need to know more about that, what was he like before he became fixed in his monkey form?

Bellatrix Lestrange – The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

In the story we only see Bella post Azkaban which cannot have helped her mental health… That said we know she tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom until they lost their minds before even stepping foot inside the prison so it’s not as if she was all sweetness and light beforehand but I still want to know more about her, I’m sure she didn’t have an easy childhood but neither of her sisters turned out quite the same… I mean the jury is slightly out on Narcissa but Andi seems lovely!

Lesley May – The Rivers Of London series by Ben Aaronovitch

We get a lot of Lesley’s story from Peter’s point of view in the story but I’m so intrigued to see it from her own point of view. I mean she suffered pretty horrifically early on in the series with her face being ruined and things and I understand that’s going to affect your personality. But switching from being a police officer to joining a criminal mastermind who does some absolutely terrible things seems a major step so I’d love to know her actual thought process behind it and to see her change from her eyes rather than Peter’s…

Caitlyn – Jack Of Hearts (And Other Parts) by L. C. Rosen

I am desperate to know what went through Caitlyn’s head – did she really think her plan could come to any sort of positive outcome? What did she hope blackmailing Jack – a guy who was openly gay – into being her boyfriend would achieve? I’m wary about having the whole story told from her point of view as I wouldn’t want to take away from Jack’s story but at the same time her story intrigues me… So I’m really torn on this one, I don’t want to feel like she becomes the victim because she does some pretty sinister things but I kinda still want to know why and to see what she does next…

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7 thoughts on “Six For Sunday: Bookish Wishes – Baddies Who Deserve Their Own Story

    1. Sarah - SWB

      Right! I think I’m a little bit swayed by Andrew Scott’s take on him, he’s amazing in the TV show. But I am still shocked when I look back and find he really only featured in one story. I think of Sherlock and I think of Moriarty!


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