Added To My TBR In May…

Added To My TBR In May

I accidentally seem to have added 17 books to my TBR in May, I have actually read a couple of them though which makes a change! Buzz Books are great for discovering some upcoming books, expect a separate post about those soon!

My Fairyloot box has been delayed so my only subscription box book this month comes from the lovely Zoe’s Wildest Dreams box – I’ll be sharing my full unboxing this week.

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Subscription Boxes


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So that’s what I added to my TBR this month! If you had a wee book buying spree let me know what you bought in the comments! 

11 thoughts on “Added To My TBR In May…

      1. Yvo

        I ended up having mixed thoughts about it! I really liked the premise and it started out great, but it kind of petered out for me after a while… The romance didn’t help either. :/

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  1. goldenbooksgirl

    Ooh yay for some of my recommendations joining your TBR! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Confectioner’s Guild- I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether to get it or not for AGES.
    Amy x

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  3. A Cup of Wonderland

    Hot Dog Girl is one that’s debuted onto my TBR too! I got it from audible and the more I see people talk about it, the more I can’t wait to listen to it!

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