The Blogger Behind The Blog – A Q&A

Oh this has been sitting in my drafts for far far too long! Some time ago – as in before Christmas – I said I was going to do a Q&A and asked the wonderful people of twitter what they wanted to know. Today I’m finally answering them!

What is your favourite thing to buy alongside a book?
My favourite thing to buy alongside a book? As in at the same time as a book, probably just more books! I keep saying I need more bookmarks but whenever I go into Waterstones I just seem to forget and walk out with more books. My favourite thing to buy apart from books is probably shoes, I own a lot of shoes!

Are you a fan of bookish merch and if so, what is your favourite?
Yes! I love me some bookish merch! I have to say there is very little around for most of the series I love, the obvious exception to that being Harry Potter, although I actually own very little of it, I couldn’t bring myself to spend £80 on a Slytherin jumper no matter how much I wanted it. I would very much like to own Hermione’s Time-Turner necklace though, and one day maybe I’ll expand on my collection of HP Funko Pops.

What is your best/favourite book you’ve read since you started blogging?
This is far too difficult to answer! My favourite book will probably vary dependant on what I’ve read recently, for example at the time of writing this I had just finished Holly Jackson’s A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder and loved every moment of it! Blogging has introduced me to some wonderful authors and books though so I’ve picked five books that I probably wouldn’t have picked up without a blogger’s recommendation or a publisher reaching out to me but that I absolutely love.

Who are your favourite music artists?
Again this changes dependent on what’s recently been released. Right now I’m loving Lewis Capaldi – Someone To Love is absolutely beautiful, and I listened to Hold Me While You Wait far too many times in the first 24 hours after he released it ahead of the album.

And yes I did sit here the first time I watched this video thinking it was impressive he got Peter Capaldi to be in the video before twigging I was watching a Lewis Capaldi video and it’s not exactly a common surname and they’re related on his dad’s side.

Other music artists have stuck with me over the years, the Spice Girls and Steps were a huge part of my primary school life, Avril Lavigne, The Killers and Maroon 5 formed a huge part of my secondary school life. Hot Fuss and Songs About Jane in particular formed the soundtrack to one summer that sticks in my mind.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
I have always been fond of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Chip! Is there anyone that doesn’t like that flavour though? I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in St Andrews while I was studying in Dundee and they have an AMAZING ice cream parlour called Jannettas Gelateria with the most amazing selection of flavours, I was there a couple of weeks ago and treated myself to a tub with a scoop of Passion Fruit sorbet and a scoop of Orange and Mascarpone ice cream both were so good!

Which celebrity (or celebrities) would you most like to meet?
I was lucky enough to meet Alan Rickman at the stage door after watching him in a play in Dublin so that was a major bucket list moment ticked off. Who else would I like to meet? J. K. Rowling would obviously be amazing, I’d love to ask Hermione and Ron – why? Also what does she have planned next for Cormoran and Robin. I think Lewis Capaldi would be so much fun on a night out, his songs are absolutely beautiful much some of the videos he uploads are absolutely hilarious. Finally maybe a trip to the Grey’s Anatomy set just to meet everyone!

If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which book would you choose and why?
Oh nope, I refuse to pick one and you can’t make me! If you could I’d probably attempt to cheat and pick a series…

Who is your favourite book villain?
I think some of my favourite book villains are those who aren’t out and our evil, the ones that leave you guessing and constantly changing your opinion of them, certain Jardine brothers from the Dark Gifts trilogy spring to mind.

That said as book villains go can anyone top Sherlock Holmes’s great nemesis Professor Moriarty? I know this image is from the modern adaptation but I think it’s just an iconic image.

What do you like to do when you aren’t reading or blogging?
Bake, I love baking and I quite regularly end up taking something into the office, three different varieties of filled cupcakes were the last offering. I do also love TV, particularly crime and medical dramas. I did recently binge watch season 4 of Lucifer – I do love that show!

Why are people?
This is a question I often ask myself! And Charlotte who I know submitted this question. There are a lot of meh people out there who seem to delight in hurting others, or perhaps just don’t care if they do or not. I do think the meh people I worth putting up with though when you get to meet people like Charlotte and Amy – two of my favourite bloggers and humans in general who are always there for a rant – or some Salem gifs as required!

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Questions finally answered! Sorry it’s taken so long! I’d love to do another one of these at some point so if you have any questions for me let me know! You can leave them in the comments or my DMs are open on Twitter – @SarahWBlogs

7 thoughts on “The Blogger Behind The Blog – A Q&A

  1. goldenbooksgirl

    Loved reading this! I have to admit I don’t like cookie dough ice cream (I’m ridiculously fussy though tbf as a lot of foods are environmental triggers for certain symptoms).
    My personal favourite book villain is probably Cruella de Vil- I both love her and hate her! I dressed up as her for several Halloweens as a child, in fact.
    Love your answer to why are people? (This really is one of the great unanswerable ones…)- those Salem GIFs are excellent!
    Amy x


      1. goldenbooksgirl

        In fairness I have only tried it once, I’m just scared to give it another go now because I felt so ill afterwards (there are so many foods this applies to it’s unreal!)
        I’m the opposite way- I’m too scared to watch the film because I love the book so much! I’ll get to it one day 🙈


  2. ericarobyn

    I LOVE this!! 🙂 I have a paint of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Chip in my freezer, just snagged it yesterday to enjoy over the weekend that I’ve deemed my much-needed self-care weekend 🙂 It’s such a great flavor!

    Liked by 1 person

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