Added To My TBR In April

Added To My TBR In April

The first few months of the year I was not kind to my bank balance with my book buying, I’ve been a little kinder this month (although that’s probably after going away at the start of the month there wasn’t a lot of spare funds left!)

May looks like an amazing month for new releases though, and if I only buy a quarter of the books I listed in my Out in May post it’s going to cost me a small fortune!

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So that’s what I added to my TBR this month! If you had a wee book buying spree let me know what you bought in the comments! 

6 thoughts on “Added To My TBR In April

  1. goldenbooksgirl

    Please let me know what you think of You Owe Me a Murder; I’ve been interested in but I’m reluctant to buy as I’m not 100% if I’ll like it and it’s quite expensive since it’s hardback. I’ll probably read We Are Blood and Thunder at some point, and I plan to try the Agatha Oddly books as well since I love MG mystery so much (as you know!)
    Amy x

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