TV and Movie Characters I’d Like To Swap Places With

Back in March I took part in a Top Ten Tuesday all about the characters I’d like to switch places with. For that post I focused on book characters but there are some fantastic TV and Film characters I wouldn’t mind to spend a little bit of time as!

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Meredith Grey – Grey’s Anatomy

Growing up I quite wanted to be a surgeon, and who better to switch places with than an Harper Avery award winning surgeon! I know that there are plenty of fans out there who are still annoyed or sad that Derek was killed off but honestly I love seeing how Meredith has grown as a surgeon, mother and person in general with Derek gone. Also who wouldn’t enjoy spending a little time with DeLuca?

Temperance Brennan – Bones

Now I know Temperance Brennan is also a book character, but book Tempe and TV Tempe are two very different characters and I’d definitely rather switch with TV Tempe! I really loved seeing how she grew as a person throughout the series, she definitely went through trauma but I’m so pleased she got her happy ending with Booth! That said I’d switch with her at any point. Admittedly preferably not the exact moment she’s buried underground by The Gravedigger!

Darth Vader – Star Wars

I picked a couple of villains in my book character post and there’s no way I could complete this post without including perhaps my very favourite villain of all! I’m a huge Star Wars fan and all of my friends joke that if the force existed there’s no doubt I’d be on the dark side. One of my friends even pointed out that when I get stressed I clench my fist like I’m trying to force choke someone! All I can say is it’s a good job the force doesn’t exist because if I could force choke everyone who irritated me there would be a significant drop in the nearby population!

Ziva David – NCIS

I loved Ziva and the fact that she was a strong female character, yes she had a lot of emotional growth to go through but she was a trained assassin, she could defuse bombs and she spoke I don’t know how many languages, she was one badass bitch! So yeah, I’d switch places with her for a bit, maybe in time to stop her and DiNozzo getting together! Plus I’d actually really like to work with Gibbs for a bit!

Olivia Pope – Scandal

Okay so Liv’s family life is a little bit messed up to say the least but part of me thinks being a fixer for some of the most important people in Washington would be so interesting! Wouldn’t it be fun to be the most important person in the USA just for a week or so?! I’d definitely only do it in Liv’s fictional Washington with Fitz and not in the real Washington!

CJ Cregg – The West Wing

Working for Jed Bartlett would be such an amazing experience and CJ got to be both Press Secretary and Chief of Staff in the Bartlett administration both of which I think would be amazing jobs! That said I think I’d have to go into a fairly early year so I’d get the benefit of working with Josh, Toby, Leo and Sam!

Disgust – Inside Out

Disgust totally counts as a character right? I absolutely loved Inside Out and Disgust was probably my favourite character, she totally appealed to my snarky nature! I totally love to just freely vent my annoyance at even the little things for a week or two, I think it would be pretty cathartic!

Connie Beauchamp – Holby City

I know Connie is now in Casualty but I’m going back to her cardiothoracic surgeon days for my choice of time to switch places, she was top of her game then, and I’d love to work with Joseph and Elliot!

Jennifer “JJ” Jareau – Criminal Minds

This is another character that has grown so much through the series, starting off as press liaison JJ is now one of the seasoned profilers. Doing what she does JJ has had to deal with some horrific things, both in the things she’s seen and the things she’s had to do, or had done to her. That said forensic psychology and profiling has always been so interesting to me, I studied Psychology at university and if I could have found a taught phd in Forensic Psychology that wasn’t going to be over £30,000 in tuition fees (back when undergrad fees were still only £3,000 a year) I wouldn’t be eligible to receive a student loan for I probably would have done it, so the chance to spend some time actually doing to job I would have loved would have be fantastic!

Elle Woods – Legally Blonde

Elle is about as far removed from me as you could possibly get but I did love the way she got herself into Harvard and showed everyone what she was really capable and not to underestimate her just because she was blonde and wore pink. So yeah, I think being someone so far removed from me for a little bit would be fun!

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They are ten TV and film characters I’d like to swap places with if only for a day or two! Who would you swap with? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “TV and Movie Characters I’d Like To Swap Places With

  1. goldenbooksgirl

    Definitely agree with quite a few of those, and my reasons for some would be similar too (Deluca would be a big draw with Mer and I’d also love to work with the OG West Wing squad!). I’d love to be Fallon Carrington for a bit, or if I’m really honest Steven. I basically AM Steven in so many ways already though, and he’s got the worst wardrobe on the show pretty much, so I may stick with Fallon. I’d also probably specify that I wanted it to be early on, because my fave of her love interests was always Jeff (before things went to hell) 😂. Being OG Cristal is also TEMPTING because she wore the best clothes of all the women on the show.
    I wouldn’t mind being Louis from Suits either- he’s so honest and sometimes horrible, and it’d be so much fun! Also Jessica, because Jessica is an actual QUEEN.
    Amy x

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