The Sunday Post – 28th April 2019

Well this last week was a little mad! It started with a lovely Easter Monday where I avoided the chaos that were the roads around Fife as everyone headed for the beaches and instead wandered over to North Queensferry and walked back along the coast path. It was such lovely weather but I slightly stupidly decided to set off just after midday when the sun was at its hottest and only remembered on the way exactly how steep, and for how long the climb towards North Queensferry goes on for! Then came the cramming of five days work into four again, one of the people I work closely with ended up being off work so I found myself having to do a presentation with just under 24 hours notice, fortunately I’d been helping to write the presentation so it wasn’t all completely new to me!

This week I’m slightly dreading having to do a full five day week, with annual leave and the Easter bank holidays I’ve not actually worked a full week for the whole of April, fortunately the May Day bank holiday is just around the corner should the shock of a full week prove too much!

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer

On SWB This Week

I started this week looking back to the very beginning of SWB as I shared my first ten reviews for Top Ten Tuesday. I unboxed my April Pink Parcel, and Thursday saw me complete The A-Z Bookish Survey. I finished the week by taking part in Six for Sunday earlier today where I shared 6 Kids Lit Must Reads from 2019.

From Around The Blogsphere

Once again there were some fantastic posts in my reader this week! Last weekend I went through all the blogs I was subscribed to and there were a lot on inactive ones, I tweeted about it and found some great new blogs to follow so as well as some recognisable names coming up there are some that are new to me as well!

Tilly looked back at her first ten reviews for Top Ten Tuesday. Charlotte, Steph, and Christina all shared their 6 must read kids lit titles of 2019 for this week’s Six for Sunday.

I also read some fantastic reviews! Vicky reviewed Hot Dog Girl which recently featured in my Out In April post, this has convinced me that come payday I’ll be ordering this one. I adored Wishbones by Virginia Mcgregor and this week I discovered she has a new book out thanks to this review from Rosie, she also reminded me why I really need to read all the Sara Barnard books I have sitting on my shelf with this review of her latest. I absolutely adore Matthew Gray Gubler, he plays Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds, so I was slightly surprised to discover he’s written a children’s book, but Lou’s review makes it sound like a great read. Steph shared a picture book which is both beautiful, timely and meaningful, Somebody Swallowed Stanley, all about the issues of plastic in the sea. On to a adult crime novel briefly Laura reviewed It Should Have Been Me, which wasn’t on my radar at all but sounds brilliant!

Jenn posted a really helpful guide on requesting ARCS for new (and experienced) bloggers. Charlotte shared her April Happy Post – I really love it when she posts these and she reminds me I really should focus on the good when it is so easy to get caught up in the annoyances and bugbears of life. Connie discussed some of the authors she’d love to meet and it really got me thinking about some of the authors I’d love to meet so I might create my own post in the coming weeks. The Rockskippers visited Tahiti and I am so jealous of that beach but what a fantastic post to read.

Finally April is Autism Acceptance Month and Lorryn shared a fantastic list of books which either feature autism rep and/or were written by authors who are autistic.

Coming Up On SWB

As we reach the end of the month I’ll be sharing the books I’ve added to my TBR in April. I’ve also spent the afternoon putting my finishing touches to my May releases post which I’m so excited to share! You’ll also see my unboxing post for either April’s Fairyloot or Wildest Dreams book box, I’m not sure which I’ll be sharing first!

That was my week! Let me know your favourite blog post of the week, either one you’ve written or read somewhere else, and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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