The Sunday Post – 21st April 2019

Here we are on another Sunday evening and I’m pleased to be back sharing some posts from SWB and some of my favourite posts from around the web!

As stressful as trying to cram five days of work into four can be I’m so grateful for the long weekend and the fact I get all four days. I worked in retail for a long time so I know what it’s like having to work through holidays so a big thank you to all those who have to work through the holidays whether you’re keeping people safe or ensuring other people can go out and enjoy themselves or grab that little thing they forgot to get in their weekly shop! Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate and happy long weekend to those that don’t but are grateful for some time off!

I had big plans for a full weekend of reading but I actually spent most of Friday asleep and I haven’t picked up a book yet – I have hope for tomorrow though!

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer

On SWB This Week

Yay there have actually been some posts on SWB this week, although they have all been heavily loaded towards the end of the week! I finally posted my unboxing of the March Fairyloot box and shared the April books I’m looking forward to. I also took part in Six For Sunday picking six must read kids lit books from 2018.

From Around The Blogsphere

On to my favourite part of my Sunday Post telling you all about some of my favourite posts from around the web!

Starting with some of the regular posts this week’s Top Ten Tuesday was all about Rainy Day Reads and I loved reading Emily, Tilly, Chrissi and Kate’s lists. Six for Sunday’s Kids Lit Represent’s prompts continued on with Must Read 2018 Releases and I loved reading Charlotte, and Steph‘s posts. They are queens of middle grade fiction so their choices will be making their way onto my TBR.

This week I read some great reviews for some books I’m really interested in reading, Charlotte’s review of Song of Sorrow has me ready to pick up both books in the duology; Red, White & Royal Blue is a book that intrigued me and Hollie’s review makes me thing it’s worth persevering with even if I question the beginning; and The Flatshare is a novel that’s intrigued me since the beginning of the year when I first read about it and Beth’s stop on the blog tour has made me more determined to get my hands on it.

Elsewhere Amy shared the latest in her series recommending books to Disney characters, this time focusing on character’s from Pixar films. SilverWolfReads started an interesting discussion about ugly book covers. Jen posed a question I often ask myself what do you do when your TBR gets so full of amazing books you just don’t know where to start! Vicky shared an amazing tutorial about creating your own sprayed edges and she makes it look so easy I’m tempted to try it out myself!

And in a non book related post Hollie shared about her trip to Lisbon, it’s been far too long since I actually took a trip abroad I’m so tempted to find a cheap flight somewhere this summer and take a long weekend, this post definitely put Lisbon on the list!

I’m always up for discovering new blogs and I’m in need of some more to follow, so if there’s a blog post you’ve enjoyed this week (even if it’s one of your own) please leave a link in the comments!

Coming Up On SWB

This week I’ll be taking part in Top Ten Tuesday – it’s a post I had a lot of fun writing – and Six for Sunday! I’m also hoping to finally finish wrestling at least one of the reviews sitting in my drafts into a finished state I can actually post!

That was my week! Let me know your favourite blog post of the week, either one you’ve written or read somewhere else, and I’ll be sure to check it out!

14 thoughts on “The Sunday Post – 21st April 2019

  1. emilyjadebooks

    Thanks for featuring my post and for all the other recommendations – I’m even more interested in Red, White and Royal Blue after reading Hollie’s review. I’m hoping I get the time this weekend to finish up all my draft reviews as well!

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