Six For Sunday – Debut Books And Authors

Today is the final day of March and so the last of the Six For Sunday An Ode To prompts.

An ode to debut books and authors, there’s something special about picking up an authors debut novel. I think it’s that journey into the unknown, everything is new to you, not just the plot but the writing style, everything. Your expectations are altered, now I’m not saying I don’t have high expectations for debut books but they’re not coloured by thoughts on previous books, expectations we place on books by our favourite authors, follow ups to our favourite books… And yes sometimes we are disappointed, for whatever reason the book doesn’t work out for us, but other times that book you weren’t really sure about, weren’t expecting that much from simply blows you away, and when you get that feeling it’s simply magical!

So today I’m going to talk about six debut novels that I loved!

Six for Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Steph at ALITTLEBUTALOT. You can find a list of prompts from January to June 2019 here

Debut Books And Authors

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

I discovered Harry Potter quite by accident and relatively close to the beginning before Potter Mania really took off and turned into the massive franchise it is now. My first exposure to Harry Potter dates way back to 1998, just over a year after the Philosopher’s Stone was first published. At my primary school we used to have ‘Fruit Time’ after morning break we would all head back to our classrooms and sit on the floor with a piece of fruit (or yoghurt raisins) we had brought in from home that morning, and our teacher would read to us for 20 minutes or so. Now at the beginning of my final year at primary school, my teacher attempted to read The Hobbit to us, he very quickly realised that it wasn’t going well and switched to The Boy Wizard! To say Harry Potter was a hit with the class would be an understatement – we hadn’t quite got to the end of the story on the very last day of the school year and the vast majority of the class stayed after the final bell to hear the end. I’m not sure a group of 10/11 year olds can give a book a higher recommendation than delaying the start of their summer holidays!

One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

This book came along just as I was getting back into reading YA fiction, I’d read a fair amount of contemporary YA, and some fantasy but what I was really looking forward to getting stuck into was a mystery or a thriller, and then I stumbled across this, described as The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Fortunately I wasn’t disappointed with it! Karen M. McManus did an incredible job of writing an ensemble book and creating six main characters that all felt like fully rounded out. Karen sent herself straight onto my must buy list!

The Exact Opposite Of Okay by Laura Steven

I have spent the last month or so kicking myself for not picking Laura’s debut novel up sooner. Not only does she create a fantastic central character you can’t help but root for she deals with an incredibly important and timely issue in a way that is identifiable and accessible for not only the books primary audience but everyone who picks it up. I’m so looking forward to getting to A Girl Called Shameless!

Everless by Sara Holland

This book! Other than Harry Potter I’d never considered myself much of a fantasy fan, I still wouldn’t consider myself a fan of high fantasy but I’ve definitely grown to love YA fantasy and this book is one of the reasons why. The concept behind this book intrigued me and Sara’s writing certainly didn’t let me down! I adored Sempera, the world Sara created was fascinating, the legend that formed the backstory was intriguing and the characters, particularly Jules and Liam were great. The conclusion to the story in Evermore was so satisfying yet I still want more from this world! I’ve just read about a new series Sara is working on and I’m so looking forward to Havenfall next year!

Gilded Cage by Vic James

Now this book and Vic have featured in many a post on SWB. A couple of bloggers I love were absolutely raving about this first book in a trilogy from Vic James. It absolutely blew me away, the concept, the twisted Britain she created and those characters! I’m not sure I’ll meet another group of characters that enthralled, frustrated and made me want to throw things as the three Jardine brothers! Loved it and can’t wait to get my hands on Vic’s debut adult novel later this year.

The Cost of Living by Rachel Ward

I was asked to review this book for Sandstone Press and I was so glad I did! I read a lot of crime but it’s often at the darker end of the spectrum, this was a delightful beginning to a new cosy crime series. Ant and Bea are such a wonderful pair of lead characters I’m really looking forward to catching up with them in the third book! 

They were my #SixforSunday! If you’ve taken part leave a link to your post below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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  1. Tilly

    Harry potter has become so famous that I completely forget that Philosopher’s Stone was Rowling debut novel – it’s insane!!! I loved Everless too, have you read Evermore yet? I haven’t got round to reading it.

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