Pink Parcel March Unboxing

I’ve been subscribed to Pink Parcel for quite a while now so I thought along with my book box subscriptions I’d start sharing unboxings of my Pink Parcel. Pink Parcel is a period subscription box and on a monthly basis provides you with your choice of tampon or pad, along with nighttime pads and some goodies to make you feel better at that time of the month!

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March’s Pink Parcel

The goodies…

Opening your Pink Parcel you receive 3 packages, For Now, Musts and Wants. The contents of the For Now and Musts boxes will vary depending on the choices you make when you subscribe. You can choose from tampons, pads or a mixture of both. You also get to choose your preferred brand and size and you can make changes any month. I chose to receive Tampax tampons so they arrived in my For Now and Musts boxes along with some night time pads and thin liners. The only thing I would say is I am now swimming in tampons! I need to look into finding some charities that will accept them, especially because they won’t be in a sealed box.

The Wants…

  • Wipe Out cleansing Cloth from Magn!tone – I don’t really wear that much make up, but I look forward to seeing how well this works on the rare occasions I do!
  • Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil from Dr Botanicals – I hear lots of good things about this so I’m looking forward trying this out! I know there were another two potential Dr Botanicals items being dispatched this month.
  • Body Cleanser from What’s In It For Me? – It’s full of great ingredients so I’m hoping it might help wake me up in the mornings!
  • Single Eye Shadow in Cashmere from Phase Zero – I like the shade I received, there were quite a few different ones available, I’ll have to see how it looks on.
  • Rose Quartz Youth Defence Lip Plump from Skin Chemists – Supposedly this provides the benefits of a lip balm and lip gloss while plumping the lips. I have relatively full lips anyway thanks to genetics so I think I’ll be trying this one a weekend I don’t have to see anyone just in case it ends up looking ridiculous!
  • Cacoa Brownie from Squirrel Sisters – This is March’s sweet treat, it’s vegan and gluten free as well so I can kid myself it’s good for me!
  • Coffee Bag from Lyons – This is ground coffee in a bag which I’m looking forward to trying out as I love proper coffee and the idea of being able to drink it without the hassle of using a cafetiere is great! I hope it works well!
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That was my March Pink Parcel! Do any of you also subscribe? If you do did you get a different Dr Botanicals item in your box? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box with prices starting at £12.99 including shipping. Rolling monthly subscriptions are available along with 3, 6 and 12 month pre-pay plans. Sign up at

*My Pink Parcel subscription is paid for by myself and nothing is received in exchange for this post

4 thoughts on “Pink Parcel March Unboxing

    1. Sarah - SWB

      I’ve had it for a fair while now, not quite a year but probably heading that way, it’s a nice little pick me up for a meh time of the month. I really like the For Now bags too, I’ve got a few of them so I can keep one in each handbag just in case!

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