12 thoughts on “Tag Thursday – The Three Bookish Things Tag

  1. goldenbooksgirl

    I cannot wait for you to finally discover the loveliness of Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda- it’s one of my fave YA books ever. I’m SO overdue a reread 🙈. I also loved the film, which surprised me as I didn’t think it could ever capture the essence of the book as well as it did.
    I’m not a big series binger either so I really struggled with that one- it took me ages to think of enough!
    Really enjoyed reading your answers 💜
    Amy x

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  2. Emma's Library

    I find it very easy to binge-read the Rizzoli and Isles series. I binge read most of it in January so I could catch up on my re-read and finally pick up the latest book, I Know A Secret. Apart from a couple of books in the middle of the series which didn’t really do anything for me, I’ve loved the entire series and I look forward to seeing how Tess Gerritsen continues it.

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    1. Sarah - SWB

      I need to re-read them all! I’m a few books behind, I got slightly confused when the UK and US editions were given different titles for a couple of books, possibly the ones you didn’t enjoy as much!

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      1. Emma's Library

        Funnily enough, one of the instalments I didn’t like is one with two titles (The Killing Place/Ice Cold). Also not the greatest fan of The Mephisto Club even though it was a bit better the second time round.

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    1. Sarah - SWB

      My TBR is definitely going up not down… Fairly certain so far this month I’ve already bought 8 books… Although two of them are the World Book Day shorts so that’s not so bad…


  3. Vicky

    Great post! I love reading what people’s fave books are, especially when I’m looking for new inspiration 😂 good luck with your reading goals- and I do agree with you that Harry and Ginny aren’t a great couple. I think I’m biased by the lack of chemistry in the films though!

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    1. Sarah - SWB

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that wasn’t keen on the HP pairings!

      I have Ready Player One sitting on my shelf so I’ll need to get round to picking it up, I loved the films soundtrack though!

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