Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Like To Swap Places With

Time for a Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s is such an interesting prompt, characters I’d like to swap places with. Now I’m pretty content with my life so I don’t think I’d want to swap places permanently with anyone, but there are a few that I wouldn’t mind swapping places with for a bit, some I’d like to swap back with sooner rather than later!

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Ten Characters I’d Like To Swap Places With

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

For me Hermione seems like an obvious choice, there are parts of our personalities which are quite similar, to the point where when my family walked out of the first film my dad turned around to me and asked when J. K. Rowling had met me. That said I have conditions: 1. it would have to be after the war, I can’t be dealing with apperating around the country on the run and 2. she’d have to break up with Ron… Or maybe I could break up with Ron for her while we were switched, it would be for the best really…

Silyen Jardine – Dark Gifts

Now the Dark Gifts universe isn’t one I’d want to spend a lot of time in, to be honest it terrifies me slightly, and I’m not really sure what it’s like following the end of the trilogy. Silyen intrigues me though, so spending 24 hours in his head would be fascinating! Although I suppose that’s not really swapping places…

Irene Adler – Sherlock Holmes

Who wouldn’t want to be The Woman?! Again I wouldn’t want to swap places forever but it would be fun to give Sherlock a bit of a run around – Particularly if the Sherlock in question looks like Benedict Cumberbatch…

Jules Ember – Everless

Admittedly having to sell time to pay of debts and being framed for murder are not exactly my idea of fun, but I think I’d like to stick around Sempera for a while after the end of Evermore and see what life post everything is like…

Robin Ellacott – Cormoran Strike

Another J. K. Rowling character with some similar characteristics. My degree was in psychology and I think being a private detective would be kinda cool! There’s rules to this swap too, no Matthew in the picture or I cannot be held accountable!

DI Kelly Porter – Kelly Porter books

Would I actually ever want to run a murder investigation? Probably not, I love reading crime fiction but the stress of having to find a killer is probably more than I’d want in my life. However I’d quite like a month or so in the Lake District, and Kelly’s cottage sounds gorgeous so if my month swapping places could coincide with her having to take time off work that would be perfect! I could do a little hill-walking and then curl up on her veranda under one of her blankets with a book.

Maura Isles – Rizzoli and Isles

Maura Isles in the book is a little more dark and gothic than the Maura in the TV show but the dark side of me thinks it would be fascinating to be a pathologist, and having a friend like Rizzoli would only be a bonus. Living in Boston would probably have it’s positives for a bit as well… General text.

Lyra Belacqua – His Dark Materials

I’m not sure if I’d actually want to be Lyra, there was an awful lot of pressure on a little girl to save a world. While some of her adventures were incredibly exciting – armoured bears anyone?! Other parts were completely heartbreaking and I wouldn’t want to put myself through that. That said I really would like a daemon of my own so I guess switching into that universe would work for me.

Lexi Angelo – Unconventional

The time we spent with Lexi in Unconventional was with doubt stressful at times but she had a great group of friends and a job I’d love to do if only for a summer. I’ve not had the chance to get to a convention yet although I’d love to go to San Diego Comic Con or YALC when funds allow but working behind the scenes would be a really interesting challenge for a convention season!

Professor James Moriarty – Sherlock Holmes

I really struggled to come up with this last one, but the dark side of me can’t help but think getting to be a criminal mastermind just for a week or so would be one hell of an experience! A bit twisted perhaps an experience for sure!

Those were the 10 characters I’d swap places with! I stuck to book characters this time but I’m so tempted to do another post with TV and Film characters! Have you taken part in TTT this week? Which character would you like to swap with? Let me know in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Characters I’d Like To Swap Places With

  1. Emma's Library

    I’m totally with you on Maura Isles. However I’d rather switch with her tv persona as I like her lighter personality that little bit more. And whilst her family situation is just as twisted, I’d rather experience the camaraderie between her and Jane’s family because it is so loving and closely knit.

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  2. Lilyfae

    YES! Book Rizzoli and Isles (I prefer them dark) Maura is an absolute Queen in the books that’s a good one.
    I have Hermione as a plus one to Luna as I’m basically a hybrid of the two, Hermione’s brain and Luna’s Looney , to be honest though relationship wise it would depend on book/film I think Ron has been slightly ruined by Film Ron as Book Ron is stroppy but pretty great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah - SWB

      That’s true… I guess maybe if we’d seen some of Ron between the end of the battle and the epilogue I might feel better about it, I just feel in the story he spends a lot of time trying to get Hermione to stop doing a lot of the stuff she loves because he finds it boring. Ain’t nobody telling me I can’t read as much as I want lol! Maybe he’s better as he grows up a bit…

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      1. Lilyfae

        I think Book Ron was insecure on many levels, and felt inadequate to both Harry and Hermione on many levels particularly class and money (something touched on but never really given enough proper thought to how Ron must’ve really felt surrounded by aristocratic or very middle class and affluent peers other than for poor Ron, laughs or seen as being poor made his family more ‘worthy’) and given a few years, and security in both himself and his abilities with a wand that fits him I hope Ron would’ve turned out to be a more laid back and happy guy.


  3. imyril

    Silyen Jardine is a brave choice, but I know where you’re coming from – he has such a unique way of looking at the world, and access to such unusual abilities… He fascinated me from start to finish.

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  5. Rissi

    I’ve never read a single Sherlock Holmes novel, but the characters are so fun (especially Sherlock and Watson, oh and of course, Mrs. Hudson too!). Didn’t read the “Rizzoli and Isles” novels either, but did love the show. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the Finding Wonderland visit last week.


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