More Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2019…

I had great fun pulling together my three 2019 book preview posts so I thought I’d pull together a fourth post with some of the other media I’m looking forward to in 2019


My music taste is pretty eclectic to say the least, I’m not too worried if what I’m listening to is considered cool, or popular as long as I like it. This year I’m looking forward to some new music but also some music which is a throwback to my school days.

SigridSucker Punch

From the moment I first heard Don’t Kill My Vibe I’ve been waiting for Sigrid to release her debut album – her follow up singles Strangers and Sucker Punch only increased my excitement. Only a couple of months to go now!

RudimentalToast to our Differences

Over the years Rudimental have had some brilliant collaborations and after being a little obsessed with These Days last year I’m expecting nothing different from the rest of this new album

BastilleDoom Days

Bad Blood was one of my favourite albums when it was released and it frequently accompanied me on my walk to work back in 2013. I didn’t love Wild World as much but I’m still looking forward to their third release.

Lana Del ReyNormal Fucking Rockwell

I wouldn’t describe myself as the biggest Lana Del Ray fan but I am looking forward to hearing her latest album as there’s a few singles over the years that I’ve really enjoyed.

Backstreet BoysDNA and BustedHalf Way There

These two albums are definitely both throwbacks to my school days – I remember day trips to Plymouth to go ice skating and Larger Than Life being a regular on the playlist and who doesn’t love a bit of Year 3000. I doubt I’ll buy either of these but I’ll give them a listen on Spotify I’m sure.


I am a big television watcher, I adore so many US shows which are currently midway through their seasons, I love a good crime procedural like Criminal Minds and a medical drama like Grey’s Anatomy but a new year means British TV almost resets itself – the BBC love to bring back their crime dramas in the first part of the year so I’m looking forward to them!


I was introduced to Lucifer partway through the second series and promptly binged the lot on Amazon Prime, I was gutted when it was cancelled by Fox and delighted when after the fan campaign it was saved by Netflix, I’m very much looking forward to having Tom Ellis back on my screen, he just plays the character so well!

Silent Witness

Silent Witness airs it’s 22 series in 2019, and while I’m still missing Leo and Harry I’ve really grown to love the current team, I’m looking forward to a few more cases with Nikki, I think Emilia is fantastic in the role

Shetland & Vera

I have books from both of Ann Cleeves series sitting on my shelf but I must confess to not having read them yet, I do enjoy both of their TV adaptations. Vera starts this weekend and while I don’t think there’s a date set for Shetland yet the BBC confirmed at the end of the last season it would be back so I’m hopeful it will appear sometime this year!

The Great British Bake Off & The Great British Sewing Bee

I was unsure when GBBO first announced it was switching to Channel 4 and losing Mel, Sue and Mary Berry but the C4 version did grow on me a fair bit last year, plus it was the talk of the office and I have no doubt it will be again! I’m also really pleased the Great British Sewing Bee is coming back, and I love Joe Lycett who is taking over hosting duties this year, I have high hopes!

Happy AF

I love watching Aisling Bea’s stand up and her appearances on panel shows so I’m looking forward to this sitcom starring her.

His Dark Materials

The Golden Compass was a bit of a disappointment as far as movie adaptations go so I’m really hoping that this BBC adaptation will do its bit to make that right! It has a fantastic sounding cast including Ruth Wilson (otherwise known as Alice in Luther) as Mrs Coulter! Currently scheduled for 2019 it looks as though it might slip into 2020 but I think it would make perfect Christmas viewing so I’m hoping it might premiere Christmas week 2019 and roll into 2020.


Richard Gere, Helen McCrory and Sarah Lancashire all star in a new drama series about a powerful family including a son with selfish and destructive tendencies. It sounds like it has the potential to be a gripping drama.

Line of Duty

This is another series I came to late but now I’m hooked! I can’t wait to see what’s next for DS Arnott and the rest of AC-12.


Films… I’m terrible at watching them, in 2018 I went to the cinema a grand total of once to watch Mary Poppins on Christmas Eve. Some of these I’d like to get to the cinema to watch, others I’ll probably wait until they come out on DVD to watch.

Star Wars: Episode IX

This is the one film on this list I am guaranteed to actually make it to the cinema to watch. I cannot wait to see how Rey and Kylo’s story ends.

Frozen 2 & The Lion King

There are other Disney and Pixar movies due out in 2019 but these are the two that I’m most looking forward to. I don’t think anyone could get away from how huge Frozen was back in 2013, love it or hate it Let It Go was in your head for months and months. Frozen 2 has such a huge hype to live up to and I hope it manages to impress.

The Lion King was THE Disney film of my childhood, Be Prepared is still my favourite Disney song and just watching the trailer gave me all the feels! I think I’ll be borrowing my goddaughter to watch this one!

The Lego Movie 2 & The Secret Life of Pets 2

Both The Lego Movie and The Secret Life of Pets surprised me with how much I enjoyed them when I watched them. I watched The Lego Movie with one of my closest friends on Valentine’s Day and then had to put up with him singing Everything Is Awesome all the way home in the snow. I’m hoping the second film is just as enjoyable.

I only watched The Secret Life of Pets for the first time last year as my goddaughter was watching it while I was staying with her family – the trailer for the sequel at the vets had me chuckling when I saw it ahead of Mary Poppins Returns just before Christmas.


This is the final film in a trilogy I didn’t even realise existed! I watched Unbreakable probably not too long after it was released in 2000 (I loved a Bruce Willis action flick) but until Glass was announced I never released that the 2016 film Split was linked to Unbreakable so I’ll need to give that a watch before Glass comes out.

Men in Black: International

I was 10 when the original Men In Black film came out – I adored Will Smith in the Fresh Prince and absolutely loved this movie, I enjoyed the second and watched the third, wasn’t wholly convinced by it but liked it enough. Does the world need a fourth Men In Black film? Probably not but I’m not going to give up the chance to see how Chris Hemsworth fits into the famous black suit. Plus Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson…

Downton Abbey

I resisted this for the first couple of series but I succumbed and it became perfect Sunday night viewing, who didn’t love listening to whatever the Dowager Countess had to say next, I’m very much looking forward to catching up with Violet and seeing what she comes out with next!

So there’s a slightly longer post than expected with some of the albums, TV series and films I’m looking forward to in 2019. Let me know yours in the comments!

9 thoughts on “More Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2019…

  1. Hayley at RatherTooFondofBooks

    GBBO on channel 4 really grew on me quickly – I love Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding presenting together, they’re amusing. I didn’t know Great British Sewing Bee was coming back so I’m really happy that I read your post! I loved that show and was so disappointed that it seemed to disappear from the BBC when Bake Off did. Hope you enjoy all the music, TV and books you get to in the coming months. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. goldenbooksgirl

    Ooh this is a really interesting post! My most anticpated albums of the year are definitely Into the Ark and Tom Walker’s debut. I’m really hoping there might be a new Taylor Swift album this year too, because she told a journalist she wanted to release one before she turned 30 and that happens in December…
    I don’t think any of my other favourites will be releasing any though, as they all had one out last year.
    My Most Anticipated TV is more Grey’s Anatomy, the 3rd season of This Is Us hitting the UK and Dynasty finishing it’s 2nd season. I really, realky hope it gets renewed for season 3- I adore it.
    Film-wise I’m most looking forward to Boy Erased and Toy Story 4 so far! I enjoyed the 1st Secret Life of Pets too.
    Amy x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah - SWB

      I didn’t even think of including Grey’s because it’s partway through the season but I do love it!

      I’m really not that into Toy Story I must confess, I’ve seen the first two but I’ve still not seen the third, and the fourth doesn’t really excite me that much…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jodi Fisher

    Great article!

    Such a fan of Lucifer. I was so surprised when it got cancelled by FOX, but thankfully Netflix picked it up. I still have to watch a few episodes from the last season still.

    I am so behind on current movies being more of a TV Nerd, LoL. I did just watch Manchester by the Sea. Really good film. I didn’t realize the Frozen sequel was coming out this year. That’s so awesome! I loved the first film. I actually saw the Broadway musical awhile ago now and it was okay. It was a bit of a disappointment, it didn’t really live up to the movie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah - SWB

      I’m really not much of a movie watcher – I tend to catch up really late but I’m determined to watch more movies when they come out this year!

      I’ve heard a song from the musical but I’ve not seen it, I think there’s rumours it’s coming to the West End in a year or two though….

      Liked by 1 person

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