Looking Back At 2018 – My Top Ten Books Of The Year

On the last day of 2018 it seems apt to look back on my year in books and pick out my favourites of the year. I have to confess this year was a bit of a disappointment for me in terms of the number of books I actually got around to reading rather than the books I read. I completely missed my Goodreads target and only managed 37. At the same time this has been a really busy year for me, with changing jobs and my dad getting married so I can see why reading took a little bit of a back seat. I’m looking forward to reading more in 2019….

Without further ado here are my top ten books of 2018 in no particular order. I’ve included links to my reviews where I’ve got around to posting them! (Yes I’ve been a bad blogger in 2018)

Nemesis by Brendan Reichs

This was such an explosive start to the trilogy for me, I thought hard about whether to include it in my top books of 2018 because the sequel Genesis really didn’t connect with me in the same way, it’s currently on hold, however I shouldn’t judge the first on the sins of the second, and I’m still hoping the second picks up when I pick it back up ahead of the final book of the trilogy being released.
My review

The Legacy by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

True Nordic Noir this is the first in the Children’s House series by Yrsa, translated into English by Victoria Cribb. It was a thrilling read and I loved immersing myself in the Icelandic setting. The second in the series has already been translated and the third is due out in 2019 so I’m looking forward to taking them out.
My review

Everless by Sara Holland

I know I’ve said these are in no particular order but Everless is right up there towards the top of the list! There was nothing about this book that disappointed me, the land of Sempera is fantastic, the concept is excellent although the idea of paying your debts with you time is terrifying! I loved the twist at the end and the best thing is that as I write this Evermore has just landed on my doormat, I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!
My review

The Gathering Dark by James Oswald

Another Inspector McLean novel and another hit for James Oswald. Since stumbling on this series during a promotion on Audible it has never let me down. The Gathering Dark was a fascinating story with a heartbreaking ending. I can’t wait to find out what’s next for Tony when book nine lands in 2019!

Tell No Lies by Lisa Hartley

After the cliffhanger at the end of Ask No Questions I was desperate to get my hands on this second story in the series. Caelan is back in fine form and having to deal with personal upheaval as well as trying to solve a series of brutal murders. I really hope this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Detective Caelan Small.
My review

My Box-Shaped Heart by Rachael Lucas

After The State Of Grace I had such high hopes for the next YA book from Rachael and I was delighted to find that My Box-Shaped Heart did not disappoint in any way shape or form. It was absolutely wonderful. Filled with warmth and hope it’s a fantastic read!

Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter

This was the first Ally Carter novel I’ve read and after reading it I doubt it will be my last, a Secret Service agent’s daughter and the President’s son are being chased through the Alaskan wilderness fantastic!
My review

Bright Ruin by Vic James

Bright Ruin had a lot to live up to following Gilded Cage and Tarnished City and it certainly didn’t disappoint! What a fantastic ending to one of my favourite trilogies. It gave me all the feels and I’m still not sure I’m completely over the ending!

The Book of the Year 2018 by No Such Thing As A Fish

No Such Thing As A Fish is one of my favourite podcasts, I listen every week without fail as four of the QI Elves talk about their favourite facts of the week. The Book Of The Year 2018 is their second compilation following their 2017 release. Filled with some of the stranger facts of the year it’s an A-Z of all 2018’s weirdness! I would definitely recommend downloading the audio-book, there are some extra tangents that aren’t in the book, it’s like a 9 hour long podcast!

Dead Stock by Rachel Ward

Until The Cost Of Living I always thought I much preferred my crime fiction more of the dark and twisty side than the cosy, but I simply fell in love with Ant and Bea and there was no way I wasn’t going to follow their story into the second novel. I was lucky enough to meet Rachel at a Sandstone Press event in Edinburgh and I was so happy to hear a third novel will be appearing at some point!
My review

So those were my books of 2018! What’s your favourite book of 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

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