Santa I’ve Been Good…

I am so pleased to be able to bring you today’s Santa I’ve Been Good post. Charlotte from Charlotte Somewhere has become such a wonderful blogging friend for me, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet up with her a few times this year. Charlotte has a wonderful blog full of incredible features but I’m sure anyone who follows her would not hesitate to tell you that whenever her son S. features on the blog you are in for a treat so I am absolutely delighted that Charlotte and S. agreed to take part in my Santa I’ve Been Good feature for Blogmas this year! So without further chat from me over to Charlotte and S.!

Santa I’ve Been Good featuring Charlotte and S.

Me: S, we need to do a guest blog post where we talk about what we would most like for Christmas.

S: Hogwarts.

Me: The Lego sets?

S: No mummy, actual Hogwarts.

Well, this is going to take some serious explaining isn’t it? Here are some reasons why S wants Actual Hogwarts for Christmas:

1. Because I would be a wizard of course.

2. I would get to have the sorting hat choose a house for me.

3. I would get one of those magic plates that fills up with whatever food I ask for.

4. I could play Quidditch.

5. I could have a pet owl.

Note to Santa: if Actual Hogwarts isn’t available as a Christmas gift, S is prepared to accept all the Harry Potter Lego.

A huge thank you once again to Charlotte and S. for taking part in Santa I’ve Been Good… I think you’ll agree you can’t fault S’s logic there, who wouldn’t want to have one of those magic plates that fills up with whatever food you want?!

Be sure to check back next Monday when I’ll be hosting a giveaway!

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