The Christmas, Books & I Tag

We’ve made it all the way to day 13 of Blogmas and so far I’ve managed to get my daily posts in! I hope you’ve been enjoying them! This morning I’m sharing the Christmas, Books and I Tag I first saw on Aoife’s blog Pretty Purple Polka Dots.

Where do you usually spend your Christmas?

This year will be my 32nd Christmas on earth (not that I was experiencing Christmas elsewhere beforehand!) 30 of those I’ve spent with my parents down in deepest darkest Devon where I grew up. This year I’ll be spending Christmas with my best friend and her family in Scotland, it will be the second Christmas I’ve spent with them and I’m really looking forward to it, having kids around really makes such a difference to the magic of Christmas!

How do you usually spend your Christmas?

Christmas with the family in Devon begins at around 6pm on Christmas Eve when we go to the Christingle service at the church I grew up attending. I’ve been going for as long as I can remember and there’s nothing like singing carols with a Christingle in your hand to really bring on the Christmas spirit!

When we were younger Christmas Eve night was always spent sleeping in the same room as my brother, even once we had our own rooms. Christmas morning we would take our stockings into our parents room (no earlier than 8am!) to open them before going down for breakfast and then opening our main presents. 

When I was small Christmas Lunch was always spent with my maternal grandparents up the road, as we got older we started eating lunch at home and would go to my grandparents in the evening for Christmas Tea and tree presents.

Since my grandparents passed Christmas is just spent at home, usually there’s a few board games involved, a glass of prosecco or two and some Christmas TV.

Do you rather read a book or spend time with your family? 

I think Christmas is all about family! But that’s not to say there’s no time for reading when everyone else slips into that post-lunch nap!

What genre of books do you enjoy reading during the Christmas season?

I don’t think my reading choices really change during Christmas, I’ll still happily sit down with a dystopian YA or a gruesome crime novel. At the same time there’s certain books I could quite happily curl up with and re-read (see last week’s Top Ten Tuesday post)

Do you know any book related to Christmas?

Growing up the book that always meant Christmas was on the way was the copy of The Night Before Christmas at my Grandma’s house. When that came off the shelf Christmas was definitely on the way! It was the poem by Clement C. Moore accompanied by gorgeous illustrations that moved, I adored that book!

What desserts/sweets do you like to eat on Christmas Eve / Christmas Day?

I’ve never been a big fan of a traditional Christmas dessert, I can happily turn away Christmas Cake or Christmas Pudding – luckily shops were pretty good at providing alternatives so I usually had some sort of sticky toffee pudding. That said I would never turn down a mince pie, my choice of Christmas snack would have to be a matchmaker or maybe a chocolate orange.

How many books have you read so far this month?

I think I’m currently sitting at two, it’s been a very busy December so far, I’m hoping to get a few read between Christmas and New Year!

How many books do you want to read until the end of the month?

There’s 4 books I’d really quite like to get finished before the end of 2018 so if I make it to 6 I’ll be happy. One of the books is Lethal White though so that really counts as at least 2!

How many books do you think you’re going to get this Christmas?

I’m pretty certain one is coming, if I get any money for Christmas there’s a few I’d probably quite like to pick up for myself. At the same time I have such a huge pile of unread books I probably should cut back on the number of books I buy in 2019…

Is there any book you’d really like to get?

I’d quite like one of the illustrated Harry Potter novels. I think they’re the only books currently sitting on my Amazon wish list I’d struggle to justify buying for myself….

Do you rather give or receive presents?

Give – that’s not to say I don’t enjoy receiving presents but you should never give to receive! I’m really looking forward to seeing the look on my goddaughter and her brother’s faces when they open their presents Christmas morning.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

Being surrounded by some of the most important people in my life. This Christmas I’m actually looking forward to the madness of making Christmas lunch for everyone, and then relaxing with a wee drink, and playing with some of the kids new toys!

So there we have my take on the Christmas, Books and I tag. I hope you enjoyed it! If you do this tag be sure to leave me a link below I’d love to see your answers!

3 thoughts on “The Christmas, Books & I Tag

  1. goldenbooksgirl

    Would you mind if I bookmarked this to do next year? Really enjoyed reading about your Christmas traditions, and I too am not keen on any traditional Christmas desserts- I tend to have ice cream, and my chocolate snack of choice are Celebrations or Heroes. I also love Twilights, but those are stupidly hard to track down so I barely ever manage to find them 😔
    Amy x

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