Santa I’ve Been Good…

Welcome to my second Santa I’ve Been Good post of Blogmas 2018! Last week I shared some of the things I’d like Santa to bring me this year and today I’m sharing some of the items on my fellow bloggers’ lists this Christmas!

Amy from Golden Books Girl

I couldn’t decide whether to go for a present that I could feasibly get or a wildest dreams present, but I’ve opted for the latter. I’d want my own library. I’ve never really had bookshelves, and while I do like my storage boxes I’d love to have all my books displayed beautifully, and as an extra bonus I’d be able to store way more than I can currently so I’d have those wall to wall. I’d probably have oak ones, as they’re my favourites I’ve seen other people own. 

I’d also furnish it with a really comfy couch (complete with pillows and a blanket, obvs) for me to read on, and I’d make sure it had plenty of for one of my golden retrievers to join me too (like Saffy does occasionally when I’m reading in the living room or in bed, as shown in the picture I’ve attached), a chest of drawers to keep comfy pyjamas in that I’d of course be wearing whilst I was in my little couch cocoon for maximum comfort and a fridge and cupboard where I could store plenty of snacks to munch when I’m curled up on said couch. I’d also have it with climate control, so it would always be the perfect temperature. 

What would your personal library look like?

Cora from Tea Party Princess

I’d love Santa to bring me a Paperblanks notebook, mostly because they’re pretty, but also because I need a new notebook.

Azure Midi Lined Notebook via Waterstones

Thank you to Amy and Cora for sharing their gift wishes this week! There’s still time to participate in next week’s post before the final post on Christmas Eve will feature a giveaway!

If you’d like to share your Christmas gift wish drop me an email – or DM me on Twitter – SarahWBlogs

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