My Christmas Tree

So here we are already a week into December and Blogmas! After spending last weekend at my friend’s helping to decorate her house I came home and put up my own tree, so it’s now been up for about a week.

My Christmas tree look has been pretty standard for the past five years, at some point I’m going to have to mix it up a bit but that hasn’t happened yet! The first Christmas after I had graduated and was renting my own flat I took advantage of the fact I was working for Tesco and used my discount to buy a 6ft snow covered artificial tree and lots of silver and white coloured decorations. I then added a couple of glass baubles from Dunelm Mill and my look was complete! 

These are my main featured ornaments, I have a few of each of these around the tree. The beaded bauble was a little bit different for me so I really like it, my glittery snowflakes which add a little sparkle, my favourite two have to be my bauble cage and my glass baubles with the wired stars inside.

The decoration on the tree is padded out by a lot of silver and white baubles with various finished

And now presents are starting to appear beneath it, I have have a big pile to finish wrapping though!

Of course on of the best things about Christmas trees are the pretty twinkly lights that look wonderful when the main lights are turned off, I may have gone slightly overboard with the number of lights on my tree but it’s so pretty!

That’s my snow themed Christmas tree! Is your tree already up? Do you have a constant theme or do you change it every year? I’d love to see pictures! Leave me a comment below!

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