My Post Christmas TBR

So I’m really leaving it late today but I’m here with my sixth post of Blogmas and today (well tonight) I’m bringing you my post Christmas TBR

Admittedly there’s not a whole heap of Christmas in my post Christmas TBR instead there’s a few books I really want to get through before the end of 2018 and I aim to take advantage of those strange days in between Christmas and New Year where no-one really remembers the date or even which day it actually is.

1 Lethal White by Robert Galbraith – I pre-ordered Lethal White and was desperate to read it, but given it’s size it just wasn’t practical for carting around in my handbag to read on my commute. So I plan to hide out with Cormoran and Robin for a day or two in my post Christmas haze.

2 No Time To Cry by James Oswald – I am slightly obsessed with James’s Inspector McLean series, it’s an incredible combination of crime and fantasy so I was intrigued and excited when I heard he was beginning a standalone yet possibly connected series featuring a new lead character DC Constance Fairchild. I have the paperback and I’ll be getting stuck in ahead of the new McLean novel out next year

3 The Sentence is Death by Anthony Horowitz – This is the second in Anthony’s series which includes himself as a central character. It was a concept that worked so well in the first novel, The Word is Murder so I’m really hoping that the second book is just as enjoyable.

4 Goodbye Perfect by Sara Barnard – In a complete change of direction from the previous three books on this list the final book I’m hoping to read by the end of the year comes from a YA author whose work I’ve not read yet but a lot of my blogger friends absolutely rave about. Goodbye Perfect’s plot really screamed READ ME to me so I’m determined to get to it by the end of the year!

They are the four books I’m hoping to read in that strange post Christmas week, are there any books you’re already planning on reading? Or perhaps you’re leaving it free for the books you’re hoping Santa might leave under your Christmas Tree?

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