Santa I’ve Been Good…

It’s the first Monday of December and the third day of Advent and Blogmas. It also marks the first of my Santa I’ve Been Good… posts. Today I’m sharing what I would love Santa to bring me this year, as I have been good… Mostly… Also Santa if you’re reading I shared 6 beautiful, but expensive books yesterday that I’d also be happy to find under my tree on Christmas morning!

I’ve stolen Charlotte’s list writing method to create the five things I’d really like this year


Something I Want…

The Jim Kay Illustrated Editions are beautiful but I’ve never quite managed to justify buy these for myself (let alone the deluxe editions I shared yesterday). I’ve also meant to pick up A History Of Magic for a while, even though I never managed to make it to the exhibition.

Something I Need…

How boring and grown up is this! I realised the other day buying lunch at work everyday costs me a small fortune! I really need to start taking lunch in far more often and I’m hoping owning a nice looking lunch box will inspire me to do so!

Something To Wear…

I really need a new coat, my long warm winter coat is quite formal and I feel a bit silly wearing it with jeans and hi-tops so a nice warm parka like this would be perfect!

Something To Read…

I know books have already appears on my list, but most of those I’ve already read, these are 4 books I’m keen to get my hands on and get stuck into!

A Special Treat…

I adore Harry Potter and have done for the past 20 years, but I’ve not yet managed to make it down to the studio tour. My goddaughter has just turned 8 and is becoming a huge Harry Potter fan herself so I’d love to take her with me to explore!

So that’s the first of my Santa I’ve Been Good posts… Look out over the coming Monday’s when I’ll be sharing some of the things you’d like Santa to bring you – ending with a giveaway on Christmas Eve!

If you’d like to take part there’s still time to message me with an item or two you’d like Santa to bring you!

5 thoughts on “Santa I’ve Been Good…

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