The Sunday Post – 11th November 2018

This week has been another long one at work, but today of all days feels like it’s really not the time to talk about my petty annoyances so instead I’m going to tell you a little about some people who were all prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Fortunately none of them had to or I wouldn’t be here to tell you about them.

Remembrance Day has been a big part of my life from a very young age, I come from a military family, grew up near a military base, and as a Brownie and a Guide I walked in the parades in my local town.

My father served in the Royal Navy during The Falklands, he wasn’t called up to go to the islands but he was on standby to be on the next shipment out.

My granddad (mum’s dad) joined the Royal Navy during World War II and served in, and came home from, Burma. He never spoke about what he went through over there as a teenager but he was hugely proud to have served during the war and was a standard bearer for the Burma Star during a number of Remembrance Day parades both close to home and in London

Finally is my dad’s granddad who volunteered from Barbados to serve during WWII and was awarded an MBE for his service, I never got the chance to meet him as he passed before I visited Barbados for the first time.

So I’m going to take this moment to thank everyone who has, and continues to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to serve their country.

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer

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Books I’ve Read This Week

It’s been a week of textbooks again for me. My exam is this week so I’ll be back to more pleasurable reading next week!

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On The Blog This Week

Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday – 2017 Releases Still on My TBR

Wednesday: Mini Reviews – Quick Reads Edit

Sunday: Six For Sunday – Dream Collaborations

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From Around The Blogsphere

Some of my favourite blog posts from the past week

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Coming Up On Sarah Withers Blogs

This week I’ll be catching up on some reviews and taking part in Top Ten Tuesday

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That was my week! Let me know your favourite blog post of the week, either one you’ve written or read somewhere else, and I’ll be sure to check it out!

With Love Sarah

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