Top Ten Tuesday – Bingeworthy TV Shows

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday falls to one of my other loves – TV! I confess I’m not much of a movie goer or watcher, I think the last thing I saw at the cinema was The Last Jedi and far too often when someone asks me if I’ve seen a certain film the answer is no but I do love my TV shows!

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Bingeworthy TV Shows/Amazing Movies

(The new fall TV season is starting up this month, so letโ€™s talk about what shows everyone should watch when theyโ€™re not reading!)

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Lucifer the TV show is based on the character from the DC comics The Sandman. Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil who has abandoned hell and set up home in Los Angeles, running a nightclub and consulting with the LAPD.

My friend got me watching this on Amazon Prime as he was about to start season 2 – I was staying with him for the week and completely binged the first season while he was at work. I was so excited by the season three finale and absolutely gutted when it was cancelled!

Luckily for me Netflix saved it and I absolutely cannot wait for season four to arrive! Love Lucifer and Chloe and when Tom sings! If he ever releases an album I’m buying it.

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1200x630bb1Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds focuses on a team of criminal profilers who form part of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit. The team is brought in to help local police understand the patterns behind some of the worst crimes – murderers, serial arsonists and kidnappers are some of the people that the team help track down.

Starting its 14th season in October I’ve not enjoyed the most recently couple of seasons as much as some of the earlier seasons – Despite all the drama I must admit I do miss Hotch! Still I’ll be tuning into the show again this year, as long as they still have Spence – I have to confess he’s my weird crush!

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Some British drama! Unforgotten follows DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan as they solve cold cases. The third series has just finished on ITV and for me wasn’t as strong as the first two.

I love Nicola Walker though (you’ll see she pops up in another show down below) and I’m hoping a 4th series appears in the next couple of years.

Series one and two are both on Netflix and definitely worth a watch!

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1200x630bb3Grey’s Anatomy

I love medical dramas – when I was little Casualty was must watch Saturday night TV and I’ve watched all sorts since – Holby City, Chicago Med, The Night Shift, ER, Code Black, you name it I’ve probably watched it.

The staff at Grey Sloan Memorial must be some of the unluckiest, if every hospital had as many traumatic events; shootings, plane crashes fires destroying half the building I doubt medicine would be the competitive career it is!

That said it makes for great TV so I’ll be watching out for what our beautiful surgeons will be getting up to in season 15!

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Dr Jason Bull is a trial scientist, he specialises in reading juries and advising attorneys on how to pick the best juries for their client, and the strategies to use to get the end result they’re looking for.

I’ve been aware of Michael Weatherly for years, and while I watch NCIS I have to confess to not being DiNozzo’s biggest fan – While Bull isn’t perfect I much prefer his character! Season two ended on a bit of a cliff hanger so I’m looking forward to catching up with Jason and the rest of the team at TAC when it comes back in a few weeks.

It also helps that despite having not got to watch Hamilton yet I adore the OBC soundtrack and Christopher Jackson is great in this.

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1200x630bb5The West Wing

Oh I can not over estimate how much I adore The West Wing! I was a teenager and starting to get interested in politics when this first aired in the UK and I remember towards the end of the series I would stay up and watch it with my parents.

The West Wing is brilliantly written and can switch from making you laugh out loud to sobbing in the blink of an eye – the two parter 20 Hours in America is a particularly strong example of this. The show was also blessed with an incredibly strong ensemble cast – I think Rob Lowe as Sam Seabourne was probably my first ‘grown up’ crush!

I snapped up the complete series boxset on DVD a good few years ago and I still reach for it regularly.Divider Blue

1200x630bb6The Newsroom

The Newsroom is a more recent drama from Aaron Sorkin – the man behind The West Wing.

It follows a cable news room, with Jeff Daniels playing the news Anchor Will McAvoy and Emily Mortimer playing his new executive producer MacKenzie McHale as they revamp their show.

It ran for three seasons from 2012-2014 and I loved it so much, I was so disappointed when it finished but there’s still a total of 25 episodes of brilliance which I now really want to rewatch!

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I told you Nicola would be back! She plays Ruth Evershed in this British drama about MI-5. Spooks ran for 10 series starting back in 2002 and although a lot of the cast came and went as an ensemble I always loved it. Harry will always have a special place in my heart, it certainly didn’t help that over its run Spooks starred Rupert Penry-Jones and Richard Armitage.

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1200x630bb7Silent Witness

Silent Witness follows a team of forensic pathologists investigating assisting the police with murder investigations.

Silent Witness is another show that benefits from a strong ensemble cast which has managed to survive a number of cast changes. I first started watching the show it what I will always consider it’s classic period when the show centred around Nikki, Leo and Harry, of the three now only Nikki remains. I have to admit I do love the slight shift in focus that the introduction of Jack and Clarissa as a forensic scientist and technician have brought to the show.

Another long running BBC drama – and this one is still going! First broadcast in 1996 twenty-one series have now aired so you’ll need to set aside some time if you want to make your way through all the episodes! I’ll be looking forward to the new series, it’s one of the few things that makes me look forward to the long nights in January!

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Last but not least is Bones. Inspired by the book series by Kathy Reichs the name and occupation of the central character is pretty much were the similarities end. Book Tempe and TV Tempe are both forensic anthropologists who are able to help the dead tell their stories with the minimum of remains but that’s it, and Special Agent Booth that I so adore doesn’t even exist in the book!

Bones wrapped up it’s final season in 2017 but if you like your crime slightly on the gruesome side but with a large dose of humour there are 12 seasons and nearly 250 episodes for you to pick from!

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My binge-worthy shows, perfect for anyone who likes a large dose of crime with a hint of medicine and politics! Do you love any of these shows? What makes your must watch list? Let me know in the comments and be sure to link me to your Top Ten Tuesday posts!

With Love Sarah

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Bingeworthy TV Shows

  1. goldenbooksgirl

    You already know I love The West Wing, Unforgotten and Grey’s Anatomy (though I actually didn’t know you were a fan of that last one ๐Ÿ™ˆ), but I enjoyed the first few seasons of Lucifer too (largely because of Tom Ellis and DB Woodside’s acting, I didn’t like a few elements) and I’m a big fan of Bull (it very, very narrowly missed being on my list today! I adore Michael Weatherly)
    Amy x

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  2. Stormi D Johnson

    I am currently binging on Lucifer!!! I am glad it’s going to netflix because I just did a free month of Hulu and it’s what I have been binging there but I won’t be keeping Hulu but I have Netflix!!

    Liked by 1 person

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