Top Ten Tuesday – Best Character Names

I feel like it’s been forever since I last took part in a Top Ten Tuesday! Things have been incredibly busy at work and the blog in general has had to take a bit of a back seat – unfortunately it’s the day job that pays my rent but I’m pleased to be back sharing a post today!

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My Favourite Character Names

(From books I’ve read fairly recently & In no particular order)

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Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

I’ve loved this name ever since I first heard it – one fruit time, sat on the floor of my year six classroom many more years ago than I care to admit. Strangely I remember being quite envious of Hermione for having an ‘exotic’ sounding name and wishing my parents had been a little more adventurous – I’m fairly certain Sarah was the 2nd most popular girls name in the UK the year I was born.

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Bellatrix Lestrange – Harry Potter

Another Harry Potter name! There are so many wonderful names in this series, I like the thought that’s gone in so many of the names, be it an overarching theme that links a family’s names together like the constellations of the Blacks or the little play on meanings that went straight over my head as a 10-year-old like naming a werewolf Remus Lupin. Bella’s name stuck in my mind though

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Lottie Pumpkin – Undercover Princess

I’m not sure what it is exactly about this name that just made me smile whenever I read it but something did, it could just be the way pretty much every other character reacted with disbelief every time she told them her name.

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Cormoran Blue Strike – Cormoran Strike

I’m a West Country Girl born and bred, I spent most of the first 21 years of my life in Devon so I love the fact that Cormoran’s name comes from Cornish folklore, I even visited St Michael’s Mount, which Cormoran is said to have built for himself and his wife. I also really like the fact his middle name is Blue, it’s just a nice link to one of his mum’s favourite bands and something a little different

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Megara Clark – Stargazing For Beginners

I’ve picked Megara as she taught be something new, I’d never realised that Meg in the Disney movie Hercules was actually called Megara – I only watched the film once when it was first released in the cinema, mum fell asleep next to me, I never really thought what Meg was short for, I guess I just assumed Megan, but Megara is pretty cool!

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Feather Tucker – Wishbones

I’m not sure how I’d feel about being called Feather myself but the I found the idea she got her name as she was so small when she was born and as light as a feather really sweet.

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Evie Snow – On The Other Side

If you’ve read my review you’ll know I’m not exactly the biggest fan of On The Other Side but I did really like Evie’s name, not really sure why!

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William Oliver Layton-Fawkes – Ragdoll

I love a good fancy sounding name, and this is up there with the best! Bonus points that it also means William gets a nickname like Wolf!

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X – The Edge of Everything

X is a bounty hunter from the Lowlands – sent to claim the souls of those destined to live out their forever in hell. X doesn’t actually have a name of his own, he was never given one in the Lowlands and it’s only when he comes across Zoe while hunting down another soul. I found it so sad that he’d never had his own name, but X seemed to work for him, the mysteriousness of it suited him

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Professor Moriarty – Sherlock Holmes

I just think Moriarty is a fantastic name, Moriarty was only ever featured in two of the many Sherlock Holmes stories but as soon as you mention Moriarty people will know exactly who he his, and I’m not sure he would have the same notoriety nearly 125 years on if he’d been called Bob Jones…

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There we have my ten favourite character names – of this moment in time subject to change when I remember a different one! What are some of your favourite character names, even if you don’t like the character! Let me know in the comments or share a link to your own post!

With Love Sarah

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    1. Sarah

      I loved this book, but I am a bit of a science geek at heart! I reviewed it last year

      Here! <<< there's a link there I promise! That's a problem with a dark background on a comment lol


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