My Book Blogger Award Nominations

Last year Joce at Write Through The Night created her Book Blogger awards to share a little love around the community – and now they’re back for a second year!

Shamefully I’ve left this until the last minute to share my nominations – almost literally they close today! But if you catch this in time and want to nominate some people you can – you don’t have to create a full post just pop over to the Book Awards Nomination Post and leave your noms in the comments!

Also I’ve not nominated in every category so be sure to check out the full list!

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Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

Amy – Golden Books Girl

Amy has a wonderful blog which she manages to keep so full of content! There’s always something interesting to read on her blog, whether it’s her latest review, upcoming books she’s looking forward to or a new tag. I love catching up with her posts every week!

Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)

Layla – Readable Life

Layla’s blog is fantastic, she shares her thoughts about upcoming books she’s excited for as well as reviewing those she’s already read. She also shares tags, features and discussions – Like her post on female empowerment where she shared some of the wonderful books that have been released recently to celebrate female achievements – things like Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Women in Science.

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Young Adult

Zoe – No Safer Place

I’ve discovered Zoe’s blog and YouTube channel in the past 12 months and I adore them, every time I read a new post or watch a video I end up adding something to my TBR! I especially love whenever she posts a potentially controversial video as well – it’s always good to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t get a hyped book!

Kelly – Kelly’s Rambles

Quite simply Kelly’s blog is a pleasure to read, her reviews are wonderfully detailed without spoiling anything and her love for books just shines through!

Middle Grade or Younger

Charlotte – Charlotte, Somewhere

I kinda feel like I’m not actually nominating Charlotte but S… Charlotte, Somewhere is full of amazing content and she reviews a great range of books, including crime and YA which are two areas I love. However some of my very favourite posts on her blog happen when her little one is involved – Books with the Boy are fantastic reviews of younger books, and I love the fact that we get to hear from the books target audience – thanks to S I’m definitely storing up a few titles for when my friend’s little boy is a wee bit older!

Amy – Golden Books Girl

I’m never quite sure about MG books – I’m now the wrong side of a decade over the target audience but the passion in Amy’s blog regularly has me adding them to my TBR – Although it will probably be another decade by the time I get to them!

Mystery and Thriller

Laura – Snazzy Books

I love a good thriller and if I’m ever wondering what to read next a quick look on Laura’s blog will have me full of inspiration it’s so full of great reviews!

Emma – Damppebbles

I think Emma is known by pretty much everyone who loves a good crime novel and rightly so! Like Laura Emma’s blog is full of wonderful reviews and features

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Best book reviews

Lou – Book Murmuration

Lou’s book reviews are a true joy to read – they’re beautifully laid out with an extract and synopsis and Lou’s thoughts on the book. Her reviews are thoughtful and detailed without spoiling the pleasure for anyone who decides to pick up the books.

The Master of Weekly Features

Steph – A Little But A Lot

Steph is such a master of the weekly feature that she created her own #SixforSunday! Steph’s topics are deceptively difficult to narrow down but a joy to take part in!

Best Book Recommendations

Liv – That Fiction Life

Liv recommended Gilded Cage to me and it became one of my favourite books ever – for that alone she will always be a goddess! But that’s not the only recommendation I’ve taken from her blog and youtube channel – They’re both full of brilliant recs!

Charlotte – Charlotte, Somewhere

Charlotte a nomination just for you, no sharing with S! Charlotte has recommended many a book to me and has never steered my wrong, YA or crime she knows exactly the sorts of things my dark twisted soul loves to get stuck into!

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Most Engaged in the Community

Rachel – @_sectumsemprah

Rachel doesn’t post to her own blog as much anymore but is the host of the #SundayYA Twitter chat – every week she comes up with a new topic and interesting questions and brings together a great group of people for epic discussions!

Blog Aesthetic

Rosie – Rosie Freckle Reads

Rosie’s blog is just so pretty to look at – I love the flowers in the background, the heading font is beautiful and her posts are so well laid out.

Social media influencer

Zoe Collins – No Safer Place

I just love watching Zoe’s channel, there’s something about her that just draws you in! Her personality shines through in all her videos and she’s just a joy to watch and steal book recommendations from! I love the fact she’s taken something she’s passionate about (Books) and turned it into a business with her Wildest Dreams book box – she’s just incredible!

Best personality / friendliest member of the community

Charlotte, Amy & Lou

This is a joint nomination for my girls! We all met through the #SundayYA twitter chat and through a series of random conversations a real friendship developed between the four of us. They are some of the kindest and most welcoming people you will ever come across, and I will always remember the epic twitter chat featuring Salem!


All three of them are incredibly supportive and always on hand to answer a question or offer advice. Charlotte is always there to run to when I’ve read a book and just need someone to rant at!

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Best Overall Book Blogger

Charlotte – Charlotte, Somewhere

Charlotte, Somewhere quite simply has something for everyone, from a huge variety of reviews covering such wide range of books, to brilliant responses to tags, Q&As and guest posts and of course the fabulous Books with the Boy feature.

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