Top Ten Tuesday – My NetGalley Shame

It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday, this week it’s all about books that has been sitting on your TBR for some time but you’ve still not managed to read. I only really started properly keeping track of my TBR when I started my blog just over a year ago, it contains all of the books I think I want to read not just the books I already own and there are probably still some books I’ve been meaning to read for a long time that I’ve not captured for whatever reason.

So what I’ve decided to do instead is share with you my NetGalley shame, the ten books that I requested and have been sitting unread for the longest…

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Books That Have Been On My TBR the Longest and I Still Haven’t Read

Click on any of the titles to go to the Goodreads page

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WDMM.pngWhere Dead Men Meet

By Mark Mills

Downloaded: 18th January 2017. This is an historical thriller and while it sounds interesting I’m not sure that I still want to read it to be honest.

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WYGWant You Gone

By Chris Brookmyre

Downloaded: 19th January 2017. I read an extract from this is Buzz Books last year and requested it because it was caught my attention. Then I realised it’s actually the 8th book in a series and I’m not sure it’s a great point to jump in. It’s got good ratings on Goodreads though so maybe I’ll still try it

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tfbThe Freedom Broker

by K.J. Howe

Downloaded: 19th January 2017. This is one that really interests me and I’m not really sure why I’ve not picked it up yet. The second in the series is due out in March so I really should get to it sooner rather than later.

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FBW.pngFlesh Bone and Water

By Luiza Sauma

Downloaded: 23rd January 2017.  This one sounds interesting but at the same time not really my usual sort of thing. I feel I should give it a go though, broaden my reading horizons slightly.

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fgFinal Girls

By Riley Sager

Downloaded: 24th January 2017. This one just keeps slipping down by TBR, I’m not sure why because it sounds interesting and I’ve read a lot of good reviews.

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TPT.pngThe Pearl Thief

By Elizabeth Wein

Downloaded: 7th February 2017. I discovered after I read this one it’s a prequel to Code Name Verity so I’m not sure if I should read that first or to just get on with this one.

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BGG.pngBad Girl Gone

By Temple Mathews

Downloaded: 9th February 2017. This one sounded really interesting when I downloaded it and the blurb still does but it’s not got the best of reviews on Goodreads so I’m unsure about whether I still want to give it a go.

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TUOUThe Upside of Unrequited

By Becky Albertalli

Downloaded: 23rd February 2017. This is probably the most shameful book within this list. I’ve heard so many good things about this book and I’ve genuinely been meaning to read it for months, unfortunately I keep getting newer must reads and as I’m already so far past the publishing date for this one it just keeps slipping further down the TBR.

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RS.pngRed Sister

By Mark Lawrence.

Downloaded: 15th March 2017. I was offered this one and downloaded it in an aim to broaden my reading. It’s got good reviews but it’s a pretty long book, 500 pages according to Goodreads and I’m not sure I have the dedication for it at the moment!

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boatsBased on a True Story

By Delphine De Vigan

Downloaded: 16th March 2017. This was originally written in French but this translated version was released in the UK last year. It sounds wonderfully dark. I’m planning on reading this one in the next couple of months

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So those are the ten books that have been sitting on my NetGalley shelf for the longest waiting to be read. Have you read any of them? Which should I prioritise?Which books have been sitting on your NetGalley shelf for the longest? Let me know in the comments!

With Love Sarah

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – My NetGalley Shame

  1. Nola

    I think we all know that feeling of requesting too many NetGalley books and then having them sit there in shame. That said, you really should still read the Upside of Unrequited. All the reviews are true – it’s amazing!


  2. gickles

    I haven’t read any of these either. I would probably make the UPSIDE my first read because everyone raves about it and it looks like a quick read.

    I’d consider tossing the one that is the 8th in the series though, unless you have plans to read the whole series?


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