My 2018 Book & Blogging Challenges

I can’t believe I’m sitting here just a few days before the end of 2017, how fast has this year absolutely flown by?!

So today when I really should have been finishing typing up my back list of reviews instead I’ve been tidying up my 2017 challenge posts – and I still have some work to do on that – and creating my 2018 challenge pages! The majority of the challenges I took part in last year but there are a couple of new ones I’m looking forward to taking part in! Clicking on the main link will take you to my challenge pages which will fill up throughout 2018.

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btb2018mainheader_transparent The Beat The Backlist Challenge

The Beat The Backlist Challenge is hosted by Novelknight. To qualify for the challenge the book simply has to be published in 2017 or earlier. There are no set reading goals, but I have a NetGalley backlog I’d quite like to make a serious dent it! You even get randomly assigned to a team when you sign up! I’m a Story Sorcerer!

Sign up here to take part

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The British Books Challenge

This is my second year taking part in the British Books Challenge. This year I’m hoping to keep up with the monthly posts a little more and trying to read more from the authors featured in the author and debut of the month sections. The British Books Challenge is hosted by Chelly Toy at Tales of Yesterday

Sign up here to take part – There’s a giveaway open to anyone who signs up by the 31st December!

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The Cloak & Dagger Challenge

Another challenge I’m taking part in for the second time. I’m a huge crime & thriller fan so this one is really right up my street! This year I’m aiming for Inspector level which is 26-35 books! The Cloak & Dagger Reading Challenge is hosted by Stormi at Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!

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monthly2bkey2bword2bchallenge The Monthly Keyword Challenge

This is a new challenge for me this year and the first one where I’ll have to make a bit of an effort to complete it! Most of the other challenges just need me to read the sorts of books I read anyway, for this one I’m actually going to have to find books with titles that match each month’s keywords. The Monthly Keyword Challenge is hosted by Bev at My Reader’s Block

Sign up here to take part

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2018-new-release-challengeThe New Release Challenge

The opposite of the Beat The Backlist Challenge, The New Release Challenge focuses on books released during 2018. Because of my 2017 backlist I’m aiming for New Release Newbie once again which is 1-30 books. The New Release Challenge is hosted by Lexxie at (un)conventional Bookviews

Sign up here to take part

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ng-ew-sign-up-post-pic The NetGalley & Edelweiss Challenge

The NetGalley & Edelweiss Challenge is a simple one, read books that you’ve received via either of these platforms! Last year was my first year blogging and I requested a lot (too many) books via NetGalley expecting to be refused for most of them – spoiler alert, I wasn’t! This means I have a rather large backlog, so I’m aiming for Gold level, which is 50 books to drag my ratio back up, and maintain it when I no doubt request more titles! The NetGalley & Edelweiss Challenge is hosted by Katrina at Bookish Things & More

Sign up here to take part

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try2bsomething2bnew2bsquare The Try Something New Challenge

The Try Something New Challenge is the new name for the New To Me Challenge. I discovered a lot of new authors last year, or new series from authors I already knew. A lot of these authors have new books scheduled for 2018 so I’m not sure how many new new authors I’ll discover in 2018 so I’ve set my target low – Level one: 1-10 books. The Try Something New Challenge is hosted by Anna at Herding Cats & Burning Soup

Sign up here to take part

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2018-discussion-challenge The Discussion Challenge

This is my second year taking part in the discussion challenge. One of my favourite posts of the year came as part of the 2017 Discussion Challenge, it was delightfully controversial! I tailed off a bit towards the end of the year so this year I’m aiming to be a Creative Conversationalist and post 11-20 posts. I’m thinking one a month is manageable! The Book Blog Discussion Challenge is hosted by Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon at It Starts at Midnight.

Sign up here to take part

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That looks like a crazy number of challenges! But there’s some overlap in there so a lot of the books I read will count for multiple challenges!

What challenges are you planning on taking part in for 2018? Let me know below!

With Love Sarah

7 thoughts on “My 2018 Book & Blogging Challenges

  1. Em

    This year really has flown by!! I can’t believe it!
    And all of these challenges look so cool! I didn’t do any this year except my goodreads challenge, but I’m going to sign up for a few of these now! Especially the backlist one, because there are wayyy to many books that I need to catch up on as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Donna

    That is a lot of challenges! I really enjoyed the British Books Challenge this year, but although I kept reading them, my reviews and links really fell off about halfway through. I plan to do better in 2018! Good luck with all of yours – I might join you in a few!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah

      I was terrible at remembering to link up my reviews! I’ll still be counting the books I didn’t link up in my 2017 totals when I do my wrap up post though!

      Hopefully this year I’ll be better and getting my reviews posted and linked up in the same month as I read the books!

      There’s a lot of overlap in my challenges though so hopefully it won’t be too much to keep up with! Let me know if you decide to join in any!


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