The Sunday Post – 22/10/17

So apparently the last time I did a The Sunday Post was way back on the 10th of September. Life got a big hectic after that point and blogging in general took a bit of a back seat.

So what have I been up to? Work wise a big project my team has been working on is coming towards the end, so it’s been manic trying to finish the last bits, at the same time a second project that we’re working on is beginning to ramp up and we’re trying desperate to juggle the two while half the team are away on site working in Dumfries.

Personally, I spent a week helping a friend look after her kids while her husband was away, doing school and nursery runs while she went back into full time education. I always respected her and parents in general but I was exhausted by the end of that week so anyone who does this on regular basis has my admiration! Then we hit October, Sunday 1st October I turned 30, Monday 2nd October I woke up feeling awful and developed a chest infection, so my week off work I intended to spend reading and working on the blog while waiting for my friend to finish work was instead spend coughing and struggling to breathe, the second week of October I was back in the office, but still feeling terrible so I was just making it through the day to come home and crash out, definitely didn’t feel up to blogging. This week though I started to feel much better, so now it’s Saturday afternoon, I’m curled up on the sofa watching TV and trying to get a little ahead with my posts, there should be more content up on the blog in this coming week!

On The Blog This Week

On Saturday I shared my discussion post – Fan Fiction – Love It Or Hate It?

That was my week, well month, I hope your’s was great and this one coming will be too!


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Post – 22/10/17

    1. Sarah

      I am. It took a good two and a bit weeks but I’m no longer having coughing fits and feeling like I’m about to cough up a bit of lung every ten minutes!


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