Book Review – The One That Got Away by Annabel Kantaria

TOTGATitle: The One That Got Away

Author: Annabel Kantaria

Publisher: Harlequin

Publication Date: 21st September 2017

Format: eBook ARC

Note: This book was received from the publisher in return for an honest review

About the book:

Everyone has one. An ex you still think about. The one who makes you ask ‘what if’?

Fifteen years have passed since Stella and George last saw each other. But something makes Stella click ‘yes’ to the invite to her school reunion. There’s still a spark between them, and although their relationship ended badly, they begin an affair.

But once someone gets you back, sometimes they’re never going to let you go again…

What I Thought:

The One That Got Away tells the story of Stella and George. The two of them had been in a relationship during school before a bad break up had the two of them go in different directions, now meeting for the first time in years at their school reunion it’s clear a spark is still there, but are they any good for one another?

This is a relatively quick review as I think talking too much about the characters or revealing anymore about the plot would spoil the book for anyone planning on picking it up.

I picked up this book at the end of April and I was really looking forward to it, I think I said in a WWW Wednesday post at the time I was excited to pick it up as I wanted to read something dark and twisty – unfortunately I was disappointed.

It certainly wasn’t because the book wasn’t dark and twisted, it was, and I genuinely felt it was well written and the plot had a great range of twists and turns but I just didn’t like the characters and for such a character driven plot it’s a problem. I found both Stella and George to be unlikable, so I found I couldn’t really invest in what was happening, logically I knew it was terrible but I just didn’t care. I found myself almost skim reading towards the end because I wanted to know how it finished after reading so far through it but I wanted to get it over and done with.

Would I Recommend?

I wouldn’t say don’t read it, if you like dark and twisted thrillers it may well be the book for you, it felt well written with just enough clues to leave you guessing. I thought the plot was interesting, it’s an idea with a lot of potential I just really disliked both the main characters.

2 Stars

Want To Buy It?

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