Top Ten Tuesday – Five Books I Struggled To Finish In 2017

I’m back with another Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s theme revolves around books that you have had a hard time with – The Broke and the Bookish give a few suggestions – Ten Books I Struggled to Get Into But Ended Up Loving, or Ten Books I’ve Most Recently Put Down. I’ve gone with Books I Struggled To Finish in 2017 but I’ve only got five so that will have to do for this week! Well there’s a bonus one that I’ve still not finished!

Now I’m not saying any of these books are bad, they just didn’t work for me.


The One That Got Away by Annabel Kantaria 

I won’t go into this one too much accept to say it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. The book is due out this month and my review is scheduled to post so you’ll be able to see why I struggled with it then.

On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher

I know Carrie Hope Fletcher has a huge fan base but this just didn’t do it for me.

The Inconcievable Life Of Quinn by Marianna Baer

The blurb of this sounded so promising – and to begin with I was really enjoying it, but then it all went a bit weird. I think what I’ve learnt from this and the book before is that Magical Realism is not for me!

Dream Job by Janet Garber

This is another one with a review still to post – I’m not sure what the book really wanted to be, unfortunately it wasn’t what I wanted it to be!

Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis

I love crime fiction but I just didn’t get on with the main character or the style of writing that much, and there were parts of the novel I felt as though the author was just trying to appear clever for the sake of being clever, not to add anything to the story.

The Irregular by H. B. Lyle

This is my bonus book as I’ve still not finished this. I love the premise of this, the main character is a former irregular of Sherlock Holmes, but there’s something there’s just not quite clicking for me, I’ve put it to one side for a bit because it was putting me into a bit of a slump, but I’m hoping to get back to it and maybe it will pick up for me!

So there are my five books I’ve struggled to finish this year, and one I’m still struggling with! Are there any books you’ve struggled to finish in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Five Books I Struggled To Finish In 2017

    1. Sarah

      I think On The Other Side has been quite popular in the UK, The One That Got Away isn’t due for release for another couple of weeks – I’m not sure the others are particularly well known though!


  1. Ms. Victorious

    Sometimes the books we struggle the most to finish are the ones that we end up loving the most.

    I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned, as I’m currently in a fantasy mood, but I may add The Inconcievable Life Of Quinn on my TBR!

    The books I struggled to get into in 2017 were Nevernight, by Jay Kristoff, which I ended up worshiping, and The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern, which I ended up not liking at all!

    So happy I found out about your blog! Feel free to check mine also!

    Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

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