Next Month We’re Loving… The Empty Grave

Good morning everyone! Today I’m sharing a, Next Month We’re Loving…, guest post! Today’s post was written by Amy from Golden Books Girl.

About The Book

TEGAfter the dramatic events of The Creeping Shadow, the Lockwood team (plus Quill Kipps) deserve some well-earned rest.

So naturally they break into the Fittes Mausoleum, on a perilous mission to discover the truth about London’s top ghost-hunting agency, and its sinister leader.

What they discover will change everything.

But there’s little time to ponder. A near-miss at a haunted fairground is only the start – as the Fittes agency closes in on the team, an epic struggle commences.

With the help of some unexpected, and rather ghostly, allies, Lockwood & Co must battle their greatest enemy yet, as they move ever closer to the moment when the earth-shattering secret of ‘the problem’ will finally be revealed.

Jonathan Stroud once again delivers a rousing adventure full of danger, laughs, twists, and frights. The revelations will send readers back to Book 1 to start the series all over again.

I discovered Lockwood and Co last year around April or May (I also read Harry Potter around this point, but that`s another story). I`ve reread it more than five times since, and with every reread my love for Jonathan`s Stroud`s hugely unique and vivid world and the characters within grows. I`m lucky in that I only had a few months to wait for the Creeing Shadow. I`m impatient at the best of times, and the cliffhanger at the end of that has made it an agonising year of waiting for the Empty Grave.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • We`re getting answers (hopefully, anyway)- The world in which this series takes place (The UK has `the Problem`- the dead returning as ghosts who only children/teenagers can see) is shrouded with secrets and mysteries, and the last book especially raised the question of how the Problem began. I`m hoping to find out in the Empty Grave (I also want to know more about Penelope Fittes, and the identity of the Skull!)
  • The character arcs- Every single character has grown so much over the course of the series. I`m excited to see where they all end up, and I truly hope it`s happy for the members of Lockwood and Co.
  • The Skull- The sarcastic, sardonic Skull who lives against his will in a jar and can only speak to Lucy, the narrator, is my favourite character by a mile. If I had one criticism of the Creeping Shadow it would be that he wasn`t prominent enough. I have my fingers crossed he`s in much more of the Empty Grave!

 I could write more, but I`d be here all day! Let`s just finish this off by saying I can hardly wait to get my hands on this come September 21st (after another reread or two, of course)

Amy x

The Empty Grave is published in the UK by Corgi Childrens on 21st September

Thank you so much to Amy for sharing her post with me!

*Note there’s different release dates for this one everywhere – Goodreads says 28th, and Amazon say the eBook is the 12th!

Have you been looking forward to this book? Has Amy’s post made you add in to your TBR? Let me know in the comments below!

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