The Sunday Post – 27/08/17

There’s really not much to tell this week, it’s just been work! Although now the schools are back I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my commute, it’s been lovely, I’ve had a seat!

Tomorrow isn’t a bank holiday in Scotland so unfortunately I will be at work, it is however the last day of the Fringe, and there’s a big firework display over the castle. I won’t be going as it’ll be crazy busy but I do have the added benefit of having a direct view straight across the Forth to the castle from my living room window seat, I won’t be able to spot all of them, but the vast majority of them will be high enough to see.

On The Blog This Week

On Monday I took part in the blog tour for I Know Where She Is.

On Wednesday I shared my weekly reading

On Thursday I shared my August Glossybox unboxing 

On Sunday I took part in the Good Friday blog tour 

That was my week, I hope your’s was great and this one coming will be too!


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