The Sunday Post – 20/08/17

I’m actually managing to post The Sunday Post on a Sunday this week go me!

There’s not much to tell this week, it’s been a quiet week both personally and on the blog, my commute has been terrible, it really shouldn’t be, it’s a 15 minute train journey with less than a ten minute walk either side but so many trains have been cancelled, or really late, and this coupled with all the people travelling to and from the festival means that the trains have been super crowded, to the point on one occasion I couldn’t even get onto the train, so by the time I’ve got home I’ve not wanted to do anything apart from crash out! Edinburgh and Fife schools went back at the end of last week though so hopefully it will be a little better this week even if the Festival is still going.

I’m taking part in a couple of blog tours this week so make sure to keep your eyes out for my reviews on I Know Where She Is by S.B. Caves and Good Friday by Lynda La Plante.

On The Blog This Week

On Monday I posted my delayed Sunday Post.

On Wednesday I shared my weekly reading

On Thursday I posted about my trip to the Edinburgh Fringe 

That was my week, I hope your’s was great and this one coming will be too!


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Post – 20/08/17

    1. Sarah

      I live in prime commuter land, it’s busy enough on a regular weekday, it just about copes with families coming back from days out once the schools break up in July, but add the Festival travel to that and it’s a nightmare! I can just about deal with it for a month for the benefits of the festival though

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