The Sunday Post… On a Monday (again) – 14/08/17

I’m a day late with this again, that’s twice this month oops! Well last week stormed by, busy at work and then busy at the weekend. On Wednesday I had to go to a meeting in Dumfries about some equipment I’m buying for the new hospital, meeting the users is always great, having to sit in the car for two hours each way is less fun. Although on the way back to fighter jets flew over, clearly practising flying at low altitude so that was a bit of excitement, they flew pretty much right over the car, and they are so loud!

I spent the weekend exploring the Fringe with friends and had a great time, I’m thinking about doing a post on some of the shows I saw if anyone is interested! Tomorrow if the weather is good I’m off to catch the last day of the Lammas Fair and Continental Market in St. Andrews so fingers crossed!

On The Blog This Week

On Monday I posted my end of July round up.

On Tuesday I shared my August TBR

On Wednesday I posted my regular WWW Wednesday post and shared my review of Countless by Karen Gregory

That was my week, I hope your’s was great and this one coming will be too!


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