Sarah Does Lifestyle – July Glossybox Unboxing

Something a little different today while I try and figure out which book box to subscribe too! Now I’m not a lifestyle blogger, to be honest I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to all things beauty related, I’m too lazy, I’d much rather spend an extra half hour in bed than take the time to do something with my hair and put on make-up. This has the consequence of me really not being very good at it, which makes me less likely to get up a bit earlier and do something, it’s a vicious circle!

Anyway I’m nearly 30, and I just got a promotion which comes with a bit more money, so I figured now was a good as time as ever to start, I have a friend who tried out two different boxes and said Glossybox seemed better value so I figured why not give it a go! I placed my order at the weekend and the July box arrived today, so I thought why not share what I found, I could have recorded but no-one wants to see me so it’s a selection of photos you get!

I must admit to being impressed by the number of full size products included, definitely good value for £13 including postage! And the box is pretty, I’ll be keeping that to store things in! Looking forward to receiving my August box!

Are you a Glossybox subscriber? Or is there another beauty box you just love? Let me know!


One thought on “Sarah Does Lifestyle – July Glossybox Unboxing

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